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Advocacy meeting with Parliamentarians from Nepal, Cambodia and Sri Lanka

KATHMANDU, NEPAL, FEBRUARY 8, 2010 – The Parliamentarian Committee on Women, Children and Social Welfare is leading a two-day advocacy meeting on 9th and 10th February on achieving MDGs 4 and 5 together with Parliamentarians from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

The advocacy meeting, being held at Hotel Soaltee, Kathmandu, is the first of a series of events, which will be held over 6 to 8 months, to accelerate the Countdown to 2015 in achieving Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 which target reduced child mortality and improved maternal health.

The meeting will highlight the progress, obstacles and solutions in achieving these MDGs. The Countdown promotes the use of evidence to enhance decision and policy making of the Parliamentarians and increase health investments at the national level.

“The committed leadership of Parliamentarians is important in achieving the MDGs as they are the ones who represent the voices of children and women,” said UNICEF Nepal Representative Gillian Mellsop. “And it is the Parliamentarians too who can advocate on the issue at the highest level, legislate to ensure universal access to essential care and also oversee the implementation of relevant policies.”

In the meeting, the Parliamentarians from Nepal, Sri Lanka and Cambodia will be sharing their experiences and examples of best practices in achieving MDGs 4 and 5 in their countries.

By the end of the meeting, the Parliamentarians intend to present a Commitment Statement on Countdown 2015.

The Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, National Planning Commission, Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament, UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA, USAID, AusAID, World Bank and SABIN vaccine Institute are the key participants of the meeting.

UNICEF is working closely with the Chair of the Women Children and Social Welfare Committee of the Constituent Assembly of Nepal to conduct the meeting. The Committee has 60 permanent members advocating on the issues of women and children.


For more information, please contact:

John Brittain; Chief of Communication UNICEF Nepal Tel: 01 5523200 x 1184
Dr. Sudhir Khanal; Programme Specialist, Child Survival UNICEF Nepal Tel: 01 5523200 x 1109 Email:




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