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UNICEF Partners' Mapping in Myanmar

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Our partners

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UNICEF works with a full range of partners in Myanmar, and it is UNICEF’s partners that play the vital role of actually implementing its program activities in communities throughout the country. Working together, UNICEF and its partners strive to help Myanmar’s children realize their fundamental rights.



UNICEF’s partners include:

  • National technical departments, including health professionals, nutritionists, educators, water and sanitation experts and social workers;

  • Local non-governmental organizations, including faith-based organizations;

  • International non-governmental organizations;

  • Community groups, including Parent-Teacher Associations; and

  • Other members of the UN family in Myanmar.

Since UNICEF is funded exclusively by voluntary contributions, donors are also a crucial component of its work in Myanmar.  UNICEF activities are funded by governments, the private sector and individuals around the globe who support its work through National Committees for UNICEF. Major donors include the governments of Japan, the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and Germany as well as the European Commission and UNICEF National Committees in Japan, Australia and the United States.



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