Making a difference - While numerous impediments still stand in the way of Myanmar's children fully realizing their rights, progress is being made in certain areas.

Child Protection
UNICEF and its partners work to protect women and children from trafficking, exploitation and abuse.

UNICEF and its partners work to help primary school children receive a quality education, and to help ensure that children are being taught fundamental life skills in the classroom.

Health & Nutrition
UNICEF and its partners work to protect children from many deadly diseases, improve their access to healthcare and essential drugs, and enhance their mental and physical development.

UNICEF and its partners work to empower children, youth and women to protect themselves against HIV/AIDS, and help ensure that people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS are given care and support.

Water & Sanitation
UNICEF and its partners work to increase children's access to safe drinking water and sanitary facilities, and to ensure that more children in disadvantaged areas are being taught safe hygiene habits.


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