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Community health workers help save children’s lives in remote areas
Sofala, Mozambique, 7 November 2013 - Geraldo was only 3 months old when his mother fell gravely ill. Living in a remote community in Nhamatanda, Sofala, and with limited physical and financial means, his aged grandmother could only do so much to care for

Community health workers: Bringing health services to the remotest areas
Jose Azevedo works as a community health worker, a Agente Polivalente Elementar as they are called in Mozambique, in Catsanha and surrounding communities. With 20 kilometers to the nearest health center, he provides health promotion and basic health servi

New vaccine to save thousands of children in Mozambique
Maputo, 11 April 2013 - The new pneumococcal vaccine, or PCV10, is being rolled out to all children under the age of 12 months in the country.

Surviving displacement thanks to neighbors
March 2013, Chiaquelane camp, Gaza Province. Lidia is 22 years and arrived to Chiaquelane camp from the flooded town of Lionde in Gaza Province at the end of January. Her daughter Lucia is only 3 months old and is a little moody today.

A Good Samaritan helps his fellow flood victims
Chiaquelane, March 2013 – About 40 women carrying young children in slings made of the traditional Mozambican “capulana” cloth have gathered under the shade of a large tree, not far from where food aid is being distributed to residents of the Chiaquelane

Two-year old Domingo gets a check-up
Chiaquelane, February 2013 –The line is beginning to grow at the screening point for babies at the Chiaquelane accommodation centre. Domingo is 2-years old, but looks half his age. His voice is hoarse from what must have been a long time crying.

More children reached during campaign thanks to local leaders
Massinga, INHAMBANE, 27 November 2012 – In November of 2012, the Ministry of Health (MoH), with support from UNICEF, rolled out National Health Week to more than 4 million children under the age of five, and to 500,000 women aged 15 to 49.

"The health center is my home and family"
Changara, TETE, 20 November 2012 – Ladies dressed in colourful traditional capulana fabrics are standing in a long line outside of the main health center in the district of Changara in Tete province in Mozambique.



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