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Child-Friendly Schools

child friendly schools
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Give girls a voice and quality education
“How do you make a football? Oh, it’s very easy. We do them all the time,” explains the proud owner and maker of this ball, Joil Lucas, 13 years.

Surpassing limits through creativity
“How do you make a football? Oh, it’s very easy. We do them all the time,” explains the proud owner and maker of this ball, Joil Lucas, 13 years.

“My favourite modalities are those in which I can participate like any other student”
Afildo Rafael is a 19-year old student at the EPC Namarripe in Angoche, Nampula. In 2006, he fell sick and hasn’t since been able to use his feet the way he used to. This made his way to school very difficult: it took him two hours to walk to sch

“The only thing you need is courage!”
“When I do sports I forget everything else – I only focus on the moment,” explains Satique Selemane, a 19-year old student from the EPC Gêlo in Angoche, Nampula.

Fighting absenteeism through sports
“At some point, Taurai stopped coming to school. We didn’t know why. We were worried about him,” explains Mr. José Francisco Boca, Director of EPC Dibi Primary School in Mossurize, Manica.

Creating opportunities to discover sports: “I learned to like football,” says Cleusia
“I didn’t use to like football. I thought it was only for adults,” admits Cleusia Cavel, a 12-year-old student from EPC 25 de Junho Unidade 1 school in Chibuto, Gaza, with a shy smile.

Giving a chance for talents
Camilo Ernesto Antonio, 16 years, is an example of where a strong passion for sports and great talent in athletics can take a young Mozambican: he was recently selected to represent his district, Mossurize, at the Provincial School Games.

Spreading the spirit of sports: “our secret to success is that we like to play together”
“Football, handball, relay race, long jump, sprint, hula hoop, ‘Tag and Chase’, rope jumping…” Maria Mondlane finds herself quite out-of-breath when listing the activities she and her friends usually practice at the Physical Education and sports classes.

Physical education classes right from the beginning
Hortência Daniela is a lucky girl. She is a first grade student at the EPC Parta Primary School in Angoche, Nampula, and already participating in PE and sports classes.

If you can’t read, I can read for you
For more than a year now, Macunene School in Chibuto has been providing the local community with a very much appreciated and rare service: A library. “We are very happy that our children finally can experience books that are not only schoolbooks, but that

Amina, the big sister who keeps your secrets
When anyone needs help or advice, they know they can always go to 14-year old Amina Gulamo Katamo. As the leader of the “Os Bradas” school club at Ngungunhane school in Chibuto, she is like an older sister to all the children, and she knows the answers to

Keeping girls in school, and overcoming the barriers
One of the first things Loveness mentions is how she has always loved going to school. She reiterates how important it is to learn, and shares her dream of becoming a nurse. Close to her chest, her 3-month-old daughter sleeps calmly.

How change at school can give access to rights
When 14-year-old Ana Paulino started school at EPC Armando Guebuza School, she did not expect to take part in many activities-especially not in gym class.

"My dream is to study and never stop!"
Students at Macunene School have prepared a play, and the message is sharp. As part of their involvement in the school theatre project focusing on social issues, the students are working to inform the community about topics of crucial concern.

Access to water supports an entire community
Jonito José Antonio tells us that the improved access to water, hygiene education and sanitary facilities achieved by the CFS initiative has had a great impact on the communities.

Immunizations spark curiosity
Cesar Pascoal Macitela is a health technician from the local hospital, and comes weekly to EPC 25 de Junho School in Chibuto district, Gaza province. "I like coming here to work with the children".

"We are alone, but we still want to finish school"
The children are dancing and singing at EPC Chaimite Bairro 2 School in Chibuto; they are performing the traditional dances of their province, Gaza. One of them, 14-year-old Silvino Masinge, continues dancing after the formal show is over.

Teach me to hula-hoop!
Grains of sand inside the hula-hoops create a characteristic sound, which can be heard all over Bairro 3 da Cidade. As soon as the bell rings for a break, the children run out of their classrooms to grab their favourite colour.

Anything that is sharp can be life threatening
It is not an easy task to explain to young people that they need to be responsible, and always protect themselves against HIV- all the more so when access to both protection and reliable information is limited.

Zikla writes - for herself, and for her future
Zikla Omar Ismael likes to write. She is only 6 years old and in Grade 1, but has already learned to read and write. Holding her new pen, Zikla proudly states that she does not think it took her a long time to learn. Her teacher smiles in agreement.



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