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UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Stewart Sukuma produces benefit concert for flood victims

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Stewart Sukuma
© UNICEF Mozambique/2013/N.Sahba
Stewart Sukuma says "We Mozambicans, even when we are sad, even when we are suffering, we sing, we dance".

Maputo, 7 February 2013 - The UNICEF Mozambique Goodwill Ambassador Stewart Sukuma went on stage with his band Nkhuvu this evening to perform an awareness and fundraising concert benefiting the families and children displaced by the recent floods in southern Mozambique.

Sukuma collaborated with fellow artists and corporate partners to mobilize the private sector and civil society to join efforts in support of the national emergency response. The two-hour event was grounded in the experience of Stewart’s three recent visits to the Chiaquelane accommodation centre, the largest of several such centres in hardest hit Chokwé district, which has been providing emergency assistance to about 70,000 of the 150,000 people displaced by the floods in Gaza province.

“Artists are synonymous with culture in all societies,” said Sukuma, who was joined on stage by the acclaimed singer and UN MDG Envoy for Africa Mingas, the popular hip-hop band GPRO, and other artists.  “In meeting and talking with dozens of my fellow citizens at Chiaquelene,” he said, “I am convinced that now, more than ever before, artists must help promote a culture of solidarity, a culture of positive action and response to events such as these floods that impact our country. Tonight we are appealing to all Mozambicans to support with whatever they can the children and families that have lost their homes and belongings.”  

UNICEF Representative Jesper Morch attended the event in the company of the UN Humanitarian Coordinator and key government dignitaries. “One of the roles of a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador is to mobilize society—from its influencers to its last citizen—to advance child rights,” he said. “In emergencies this becomes ever more critical as the lives of thousands of children can be acutely imperilled. We warmly welcome this initiative by Stewart and his fellow artists to support the national emergency response efforts.”

The proceeds of the event will be channelled to the affected families through the National Institute of Disasters Management.

Videos from the concert Música é Vida

Música é Vida - Stewart Sukuma nos bastidores

Música é Vida - Stewart Sukuma performing live

Música é Vida - Mingas performing live

Música é Vida - GPRO performing live



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