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In November 2011, UNICEF Mozambique launched a set of six program expert blogs written by its staff members.

In an ongoing effort to strengthen knowledge leadership by promoting dialogue and exchange and by linking global knowledge and interest with local expertise and action, UNICEF Mozambique has launched a set of six program expert blogs written by its staff members.

The six blogs, which are now accessible online, cover the areas of communication, education, health and nutrition, protection, social policy and WASH - all program areas covered by the Mozambique country office.

"All program areas are covered by the blogs, and the bloggers are key experts in their respective areas - they represent the cream of the crop," says Jesper Morch, UNICEF Mozambique Representative.

The blogs have been designed as one element in a broader online engagement strategy focusing on social media and other online channels.

"Using blogs is an integral part of UNICEF Mozambique's online engagement strategy. The blogs provide an avenue for greater staff involvement in communication about their areas of expertise and an opportunity for staff and other readers to exchange opinions - in a way that represents an alternative, more informal way of communicating around programmatic issues," says Jesper Morch.

The blogs are casting a wider net than UNICEF's traditional forms of communication by exploiting the relational power of social networks and by capturing the breadth and depth of program information and insight through direct staff involvement.

"Leveraging the communication power of the Social Web is important for us as a country programme in order to reach our supporters and stakeholders through cost-effective and increasingly relevant means. With these new program experts blogs that we are now launching, we hope to promote knowledge exchange and learning and to do so in a participatory and interactive fashion," concludes Jesper Morch.

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