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Child protection

Estudos sobre Violência contra Crianças em Moçambique 2000-2011
Complete list of studies in Portuguese on violence against children in Mozambique, from 2000 to 2011

Assessment of UNICEF NGO – Government Partnership Programme
This report presents an assessment of the NGO Government Partnership Programme, focusing on its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and the impact. It is expected that the assessment will also inform the revision of the National Action Plan for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children.

Avaliação dos Gabinetes Modelo de Atendimento à Mulher e à Criança
This report presents an analysis of the quality of services provided by the "Gabinetes de Atendimento à Mulher e à Criança vítimas de violência", including referral mechanisms and operating costs.

Plano Nacional de Acção para o Registo de Nascimento: Resultados do inquérito sobre o impacto e a efectividade das abordagens de campanha e de rotina em Moçambique
This report, prepared by a consultant hired by UNICEF, presents the results of the survey on the impact and effectiveness of the campaign approaches and routine birth registration in Mozambique.

Crianças Órfãs e Vulneráveis no Contexto do HIV/SIDA em Moçambique
Contains information on the impact of HIV/AIDS on children in Mozambique and the main challenges faced by them. Includes summaries of the main actions and priorities included in the national plans for the pandemic response. This reports needs to be order by email here.



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