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Good Practices, Innovations and Lessons Learned

Good Practices, Innovations and Lessons Learned

This series of briefs provides summaries of good practices, innovations and lessons learned from UNICEF supported programmes in Mozambique in 2010:

Good practice: Annual Field Assessments under the Child Friendly Schools initiative in Mozambique

Good practice: sustainability of water infraestructures

Innovation: professionalising public health supply chain management in Mozambique

Innovation: teacher support & pedagogic supervision through lead cluster schools in Mozambique

Innovation: engaging in public finance management

Lesson learned: community let total sanitation (CLTS)

Lesson learned: implementation and results of a Needs Assessment on Knowledge Management in UNICEF Mozambique

Lesson learned: development of a Multi-sectoral Plan against Chronic Undernutrition in Mozambique

Lesson learned: mobilising effective partnerships among civil society organisations in Mozambique

Lesson learned: decentralisation and integration of services within primary health care in Mozambique



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