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Mozambican university to offer new course on children and the media to journalism students

© UNICEF Mozambique

Maputo, 8 September 2010 – Students at the Eduardo Mondlane University’s School of Journalism in Maputo will soon be offered a new course on children and the media looking at journalism from a child-rights perspective.

The course ‘Children's Rights and Journalism Practice: A Rights-Based Perspective’ will be offered to third-year students in the new journalism programme, which is expected to take effect in 2011.

The course aims to provide students with an understanding of human rights and equip them with news reporting skills that encompass and respect children's rights in all matters relating to child participation and representation in the media.

The course material, which was developed by the Dublin Institute of Technology with support from UNICEF, is already offered in a number of academic institutions in Europe and is now being introduced in a number of universities in Eastern and Southern Africa, including Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Tanzania.

By introducing the course as a core element of curricula in a journalism programme, UNICEF hopes that students will be better equipped to assess the relevance and importance of child-friendly editorial guidelines and codes of practice once they become professional journalists.

The academic collaboration with the Eduardo Mondlane University is a key element of a comprehensive strategy aiming to provide journalists and media professionals in Mozambique with practical tools to approach stories with a child’s point of view and encourage ethical reporting on children’s issues.

The partnership with the Eduardo Mondlane University complements another partnership between UNICEF and the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) which aims to support practicing journalists as part of a broad network bringing together over 350 professional journalists who are committed to, or have a particular interest in, documenting and reporting on social issues and child rights.

The network offers a range of resources and activities to its members, such as monitoring and analysis of the news coverage on children’s issues in the national press, a media support fund for journalists, regular trainings on key development issues, a web site that provides guidelines, story ideas, and reference tools to improve press coverage of children’s issues.



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