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Nine candidates selected for the 2010 Media Support Fund

Leaflet on 2010 Media Support Fund

Maputo, August 19, 2010 - Mozambique’s Child-Friendly Media Network, a partnership between MISA-Mozambique and UNICEF, announced today the winning candidates for the 2010 Media Support Fund.

The Media Support Fund aims to support journalists and reporters in conducting investigative work on the situation of children in Mozambique, focusing on under-reported topics. The fund is available to members of the network working in mass media such as newspapers, television and radio as well as community-based media outlets across the country.

Every year, submissions are reviewed by MISA and UNICEF based on a set of criteria including:

  • Relevance of subject to be covered in the context of the situation of children in Mozambique
  • Quality of argument for the choice of subject, including some prior knowledge of the subject and the challenges faced by children in the area to be reported
  • Difficult access to the proposed location without financial support
  • Topic little or not adequately covered in the Media.

The submissions selected for the 2010 Media Support Fund are:

Adriano Biquiuane
Media: Radio Mozambique - Tete
Theme: Child rights in the Mutarara resettlement centres
Location: Mutarara, Tete

Boaventura Paulo Mandlate
Media: Radio Mozambique - Maputo
Theme: Challenges in achieving maternal and child health MDG targets
Location: Tete, Cahora Bassa and Chimoio Catandica

Celso Albertino Manguana
Media: Zambeze Weekly
Theme: Situation of children in the Marretane refugee camp
Location: Nampula City - Marretane

Jonas Wazir
Media: STV
Theme: Impact of initiation rites and early marriage of girls on school attendance
Location: Mueda Muiduimbe and Nangade

Jorge José Mirione
Media: Canal de Mozambique
Theme: Child trafficking in border areas
Location: Tete - Tsangano districts and Hurt, Cabo Delgado, Manica

Julio Paulino
Media: O Pais
Theme: Child protection in the context of industrial development projects in the North
Location: City of Nacala and Monapo

Lot Antonio Sigaúque
Media: Community Radio Coop
Theme: Impact of child labour on school dropout
Location: City of gherkin, and Moamba Manhiça

Marciano José Muba
Media: Scientific Reporter
Theme: Situation of children suffering with cancer
Location: Maputo, Gaza and Inhambane

Victorino Mario Joaquim Guem
Media: Radio Mozambique - Tete
Theme: Poor literacy rates among primary school children (1st to 7th grades)
Location: Tete City and District of hurt and Marávia

About the network

The Child-Friendly Media Network  (Rede de Comunicadores Amigos da Crianca) is a national network of journalists and communication professionals who are committed to, or have a particular interest in, documenting and reporting on social issues and child rights. The Network, which was established in 2007 with the support of MISA Mozambique and UNICEF, brings together more than 300 communication professionals across the country.

The network offers a range of resources and activities to its members, such as monitoring and analysis of the news coverage on children’s issues in the national press, a media support fund for journalists, trainings on key development issues, a web site that provides guidelines, story ideas, and publications to improve press coverage of children’s issues.

For more information, visit the web site network or contact:

Celia Claudina Banze, MISA Mozambique
Telephone (Office): 21 302 833
Email: @ or

Gabriel Pereira, UNICEF
Telephone (Office): 21,481,180



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