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TV show for and by children promotes child rights

© UNICEF Mozambique/Emidio Machiana
Yusnira (in blue), a 16 years old television presenter, discusses with her peers the importance of adequate sanitation and hygiene in schools during the live child-to-child television programme “Roda Viva”.

Maputo, March 2010 – The cameras are rolling, and Yusnira Hassane, 16, couldn’t be happier. From the national television’s studio in the capital, Maputo, she hosts ‘Roda Viva,’ [moving wheel] a show by and for young people which is broadcast every Saturday morning across the country.

“Today we’re going to talk about school sanitation,” says Yusnira as a live audience of about thirty primary school children greets her with applause. The students have been invited to discuss good hygiene practices at school and at home. No topic is off-limit, from the basic principles of hand washing to the correct use of latrines to prevent diseases caused by inadequate hygiene and sanitation, such as diarrhea.

The ‘Roda Viva’ TV show is a partnership between Mozambique’s national television TVM and UNICEF to promote child participation and create a space for children to express their opinions on issues that affect them.

“This TV show is very important because it gives us a way to reach out to our peers and show that we children also have a say,” explains Yusnira.

Every week, a different topic – HIV prevention, malaria, hygiene, school sanitation, basic education, birth registration and child labour, etc. – is chosen by the young TV producers in collaboration with a team of other young people, known as the child rights club, which meets in the studio to discuss the show’s content.

“The promotion of child rights is central to us,” says Yusnira. “Our club has almost twenty young members with whom we discuss how to better raise awareness of child right issues across the country – we even take the cameras outside the studio to cover the reality in the streets and to interview children and experts.”

The “Roda Viva” TV show is part of a larger UNICEF supported child-to-child media programme which brings together a vast network of national broadcasters and community radio stations throughout the country. The main partners include Radio Moçambique, Television de Moçambique and the Mozambican Community Radio Forum.



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