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Providing good health to the people, especially children

© UNICEF Mozambique/2011/MC Mukangendo

CHIBUTO DISTRICT, Mozambique, 10 July 2011 – Thirteen-year-old Anissa Selma Anuario loves to go to school and to learn. She also loves playing games, but most of all she loves her classmates and has already decided what her future will look like. In this interview, she tells us about her life and how education will help her achieve her dreams in the future.

“We are a family of four brothers and sisters. I started school at the age of six, but I got ill and was sent to South Africa for treatment and only went back to school when I was seven. Before that I stayed at home. My parents taught me how to read and write. My dad is a driver in Chibuto, and my mother stays at home taking care of us.
My family thinks it’s important for me to study and get knowledge, so I can one day contribute to my community. My father helps me to do my homework because he is very good in math, and sometimes when he is not around, my oldest sister helps me. Unfortunately, she dropped out of school in the last grade when she became pregnant with her boyfriend. Their baby Jasmina is now two years old. I like her very much, and we play a lot, but my sister has struggled to go back to school. My parents have encouraged her to at least get her diploma, but she lost motivation after giving birth, and she can’t find enough strength to go back. I’m sad about that, because she is stuck with a baby to take care of, no boyfriend and no job. I will not follow her example, and won’t have a boyfriend before I finish school. My mother has taught me how to say no if I don’t like something.

Anissa sharing her dream with other participants during a training workshop for ‘One Minute Junior Project’ held in Chibuto in April 2011.
© UNICEF Mozambique/2011/MC Mukangendo
Anissa sharing her dream with other participants during a training workshop for ‘One Minute Junior Project’ held in Chibuto in April 2011.

I love going to school to get an education. I wake up very early, at 5:45 in the morning, to iron my uniform, which I have washed the evening before, and am on my way to school at 6:30. There I learn to read and write, respect others and not to discriminate anyone. I learn all of this in school. We learn to love ourselves and others. In school, I have a place to play and many friends. We do sports and share the same interests. My classes end at 12:30. When I finish school, I wish to go to university to study medicine and become a medical doctor, so that I can help others with their health. We have the right to good health. If I cure a sick child, I will be giving it the chance of living a healthier life and going to school. We have a local hospital, and I would like to work there one day.

I dream of going to the United States because most of the artists that I know come from there. I’m a fan of Justin Bieber. I can sing all his songs, even if they are in English and I don’t understand the lyrics. So, I guess I will have to learn English.”

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