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A youth radio reporter dreams of becoming a renowned journalist

© UNICEF Mozambique/2011/MC Mukangendo

CHIBUTO DISTRICT, Mozambique, 10 July 2011 – Raissa is 13 years old and currently enrolled in the 8th grade at the Secondary School of Chibuto. She is also a regular child-to-child radio reporter, who hosts, along with other young people, a weekly children’s programme called ‘Voices of Youth’ at Chibuto’s community radio station. In this interview she tells us about her life and how education will help her achieve her dreams in the future.

“I was born in South Africa and at very early age came to live in Chibuto with my grand-mother Aissa and my 10-year-old sister Mariamo. In total, we are five siblings, but for some reason we all live in different places. Both my parents live in South Africa. I was born there and came to Mozambique when I was one year and a half. My parents decided that the best for me and my sister was to stay with my grandmother in Chibuto. I really miss my parents very much, since they moved to South Africa several years ago to support my family from there. There is a lack of work opportunities in my district, so often my friend’s parents emigrate to neighboring South Africa to work in the mines or sell fruits and leave their children behind with their grandparents or other relatives, because they are poor and because there is no work in the district. I started school when I turned six years old. I remember that it was my aunt who took me there to enroll. Before that I would stay home with my aunt and grandmother. My family supports my education and has never objected when I started school. My parents regularly send us money to pay for school fees and buy school uniforms, books and other school materials. During the summer break, I go to my aunt’s house in Maputo. I love her very much.

I love going to school. The best thing about being in school is that I’m able to learn lots of things. There I can get good a quality education. Without school, I don’t think I will be able to realize my dreams and learn how to write and read. In class, we are often selected to do various activities, do gymnastics, sing and do other things. The best of all is that through the school I got selected to be part of the group of children working at the community radio of Chibuto. The first radio station was set up in 2009, thanks to the Child friendly School initiative. This is a lifetime experience because I think that anytwhat happens in the world also happens on the radio. Being a radio producer has helped shape my dream of becoming a journalist in the future. We broadcast Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. I would like to be like Bordina Moala (a well-known young woman presenting news at TV Mozambique).

© UNICEF Mozambique/2011/MC Mukangendo
Raissa (second from right) with her friends, Manuella, Diolinda and Artelinda.

I’m in my 8th grade now and if I don’t fail any class, I will be 17 years old the time I finish high school. I would like to go to university and study journalism. I dream of one day becoming a famous journalist. I have dreamed about this since I was very little. My role model is Bordina. She is a very good journalist, and she inspires me a lot. I wish to meet her in person one day, so she can teach me how to do prepare the news to inform people about what is happening in Chibuto and in Mozambique. I also would like to present other news from the world.

There are people that did not study and as a result are now in the streets begging. I would like to continue studying to become a role model for the children that perhaps do not value education. Especially if I manage to realize my dream and become an important journalist, my school mates who did not like school will look up to me. I would like to travel to different countries and discover other places. This is important for me and for other people around me, including my family.”

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