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The "Child-to-Child" radio programme of the Community Radio of Mossurize, a helping hand for local children and community members

Child-to-Child radio programme
© UNICEF Mozambique/2012
Children have been using the radio ourtreach to appeal to the population...

By Marie-Consolée Mukangendo

MANICA, Mozambique, 4 May 2012 - In the Community Radio (CR) ‘Chipungumbira’ of Mossurize, the Child-to-Child radio programme is changing the lives of lives of local children and community members. Installed in 2009 with the support of UNICEF, as part of the Child Friendly School Initiative in Mozambique, the CR has been influencing behaviour change, by promoting and sensitising the community about children rights. Through its regular radio sessions, debates, interviews and fun children programmes, the community radio is today the main channel used by the children and the community to claim child rights and denounce cases of abuse. These actions have led to the service providers to become more accountable leading to action to resolve issues pertaining to the community and children of Mossurize.

That early afternoon in the District of Mossurize, a group of  children , from the local  Child to Child radio programme,  fathered in the CR to discuss the next issue their will produce  in the radio. The group is a compact mix of 24 young girls and boys (16 boys, 8 girls), who are all trained in radio production and broadcasting. A lively brainstorming session initiated prior to the live programme. They started by deciding on the format of the progamme, how to conduct it and the tools they will use to during the discussion.  To ensure a quality programme, a number of reference materials were displayed to consult namely the Convention on the rights of the Child, the Mozambican Children’s Act, brochures on prevention of violence etc.

The atmosphere is eclectic and they are all very concerned with the problems being addressed. The issue is related to the rising numbers of cases of child trafficking for sexual exploitation and trafficking of human organs especially of girl’s genitals for traditional healing purposes. Community members are now using the radio to denounce the practices of the traditional healers and seek justice due to the week intervention by local authorities.

The radio has been collaborating with the local authorities, in particular with the police through the Gabinete de Atendimento a Crianca (Victim support Centre for Children and women), promoting debates and discussion on children rights and prevention of child trafficking.

Through the C2C and Y2Y programmes children have been using the radio ourtreach to appeal to the population to help identify the localisation of a healer hiding in the neighbouring Zimbabwe after killed young girls and extracting their organs. The young journalist were planning yet another local session to sensitise children and community members about the recent case of a so-called ‘Maeza’ a local healer ‘currandeiro’ who has been terrorising over the past years the entire community by killing over 7 girls to extract their genital.

The Child to Child (C2C) and Youth to Youth (Y2Y) programmes of Mossurize is gaining notorious popularity amongst the community. The coordinator informed that radio has over 18 young volunteers named ‘radio correspondents” from the local schools and the community, gathering regularly information to feed in the childrens’ programes. According to the CR coordinator and young producers, the childrens’ programme is contributing to changing the behaviour of parents and community towards their children as well as the service providers.

According to the community radio coordinator, the success of the programmes is leading to more and more radio funs amongst children and community members. As a result a Community Fun Club of the C2C programme was recently established by the community members, concerned about the cases of abuse of children. The club has today over 50 members (independently managed by one designated community member) each contributing to the club 50 MT to support the functioning of the radio.

Last year the Community Radio won a provincial prize outstanding amongst all the community radios of the region for best informative programmes to tackled issues pertaining to the community and promoting child rights.

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