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Rapid scale-up of PMTCT programme increases the chances of survival for children born to mothers living with HIV
CHIBUTO DISTRICT, Gaza Province (Mozambique), 2008 – Until about two years ago, there was very little hope for babies born to mothers living with HIV in the town of Malahice. Lack of adequate maternal and neonatal health services in this remote rural area meant that many children died needlessly within their first months of life.

Students learn the ABC of hand washing
Quelimane (Zambezia Province), 15 October 2008 - The 3rd grade students at Nhanhubua primary school, in the outskirts of Quelimane, were in for a surprise this morning when they returned to their classroom after the break.

Second National Child Health Week to reach around 3.5 million children
Maputo, 4 October 2008 – A second National Child Health Week takes place in Mozambique from 6 to 10 October 2008 in an effort to accelerate the country’s child survival and development strategy and improve child health indicators.

Promoting girls’ education to provide all children a healthy start in life
Maputo, 08 September 2008 - “Literacy is the best remedy” is the theme of International Literacy Day this year.

Mothers learn the basics of a healthy diet for their children
Nampula (Mozambique), August 2008 – It is mid-morning in Ilha de Mocambique. In the mother-and-child ward of the island’s main health centre, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore can be heard through an opened window.

Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life can avert up to 13 per cent of under-five deaths
Maputo, 1 August 2008 – As part of the World Breastfeeding Week, which is celebrated from 1 to 7 August, UNICEF and partners are recommending that mothers are supported and encouraged to exclusively breastfeed their children for the first six months of life.

Day of the African Child: Promoting the realisation of the rights of the child
Maputo, 16 June 2008 – Every year on 16 June, African countries unite to celebrate the Day of the African Child. In Mozambique, this year’s celebrations are centered on the rights of the child.

‘Living together’ helps communities take care of their vulnerable children
Chókwe district, Gaza Province, June 2008 – It is already mid-morning and 16-year-old Rosina is still at home, hurrying to finish her domestic chores before going to school. Her home is a small, old and dark hut.

HIV-positive mothers and children affected by HIV and AIDS receive care and support at PMTCT sites
Xai-Xai, Gaza Province, April 2008 – Like any other Wednesday morning, 30 year old Telzira has come to the Health Centre in Xai-Xai city with her 8 month old daughter. She has brought her for the Consultation for Children at Risk.

World Malaria Day: partners work together to fight the child-killer disease
Maputo, April 2008 – On April 25th this year the world unites to celebrate the first World Malaria Day. The theme for this year’s celebrations is “a disease without borders”.

Accelerated interventions reach more children with basic health services
Maputo, April 2008 - The daily routine in Djabula was interrupted today by a very important event happening in the community. A mobile health unit came to the village bringing basic health services for children under 5 years old.

Children and community members unite in the management of water and sanitation at school
Zambézia Province, April 2008 – The lives of the children and of the community around the Limuila Primary School, in Maganja da Costa district, have been improving since last year with the installation of a source of clean drinking water.

Community radio mobilises girls to go to school
Zambézia Province, March 2008 – The Maganja da Costa District, in Zambézia Province, will never be the same again. For almost a year, many families have been awakened at daybreak by the pleasant voice of the young announcers at Erive Community Radio.

Young people learn to protect themselves against HIV in the classroom
Maputo, 22 February 2008 – Every week, activists from Kindlimuka – an association of people living with HIV – visit primary schools in Maputo to discuss with students ways they can protect themselves against HIV.

Partnering to deliver aid to those displaced by floods in the Zambezi valley
MUTARA, Mozambique, 23 January 2008 – More than 96,400 people remain displaced from their homes by heavy seasonal rains as flood waters continue to rise over the vast Zambezi River Valley.



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