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unicef mozambique

Singer Stewart Sukuma appointed UNICEF’s National Goodwill Ambassador for Mozambique
Maputo, 14 December 2012 – UNICEF Mozambique announced today singer Stewart Sukuma’s appointment as its National Goodwill Ambassador.

On World AIDS Day: More pregnant women and children must get treatment, says UNICEF
NEW YORK, 28 November 2012 – New HIV infections in children are down, but reaching the goal of an AIDS-free generation requires treating more pregnant women and children living with HIV, UNICEF said today.

National Health Week attracts crowds to health centres
Marracuene, MAPUTO, 27 November 2012 – On the second day of the National Health Week in Mozambique, women and children in the district of Marracuene in Maputo province gathered around health centers and mobile health posts.

National Health Week, 26 to 30 November 2012
Maputo, Mozambique, 26 November 2012 – The Mozambican Health Ministry has launched a nationwide "Health Week" starting on Monday the 26 November.

Graça Machel applauds Namibia for strong commitment to scale up nutrition and urges Parliamentarians and Civil Society to accelerate action
Namibia, Windhoek, 22 November 2012 - As her 3 day visit to Namibia came to a close today, child and women’s rights Advocate Mrs. Graça Machel welcomed commitments by Namibian government and partners to rid the country of the scourge of Malnutrition.

Graça Machel Joins Namibia To Scale Up Nutrition In The Country
Namibia, Windhoek 20 November - As the world celebrates the 23rd anniversary of the convention on the rights of the child, Global Children's Advocate and Child Rights Advocate, Mrs. Graça Machel arrived in Namibia to support the Government .

On Universal Children’s Day, look to the future, says UNICEF
NEW YORK, 20 November 2012 – On Universal Children’s Day, UNICEF issued a new research paper highlighting global demographic shifts forecast for the coming generation of children that present major challenges to policy makers and planners.

World Pneumonia Day 2012: Pneumonia still number one killer of children under age five
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, 12 November 2012 - Marking the fourth annual World Pneumonia Day, November 12th, world leaders and the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia are calling for major efforts in the fight against childhood pneumonia.

The Civil Society Forum for Child Rights and the Religious Council of Mozambique collaborate on the rights of the child
MAPUTO, 17 October 2012 – The Civil Society Forum for Child Rights, ROSC, and The Religious Council of Mozambique, COREM, signed a Memorandum of Understanding defining their collaboration in the area of promotion and protection of the rights of the child

UNICEF Mozambique celebrates the first International Day of the Girl Child by highlighting the importance of stopping child marriage
MAPUTO, 17 October 2012 – In Mozambique, the first International Day of the Girl Child was celebrated on the 11th of October under the parole “My future is now, I want to study. Marriage only later.”

Celebrating the International day for Disaster Reduction - Focus on Women and Girls
MAPUTO, 13 October 2012 – The occurrence of natural and man-made disasters including floods, cyclones, drought, fires, earthquakes among others, cause enormous suffering including loss of life, disruption of livelihoods.

Disaster Risk Reduction: Women and Girls, the force for resilience
NEW YORK, 13 October 2012 – There are no truly ‘natural’ disasters. In fact, while hazards such as storms and earthquakes are largely natural, the severity of their impact is determined by the vulnerability of the community they hit.

UNICEF focuses on ending child marriage on the International Day of the Girl Child
NEW YORK, 11 October 2012 – On the first International Day of the Girl Child, UNICEF and partners are highlighting joint efforts to end child marriage.

UNICEF and ACIS promote corporate social responsibility at Business Link 2012
Maputo, 9 October 2012 – The United Nations Children’s Fund for (UNICEF) joins the Business Link 2012 trade fair this year. The fair is taking place on 11th of October 2012.

Inaugural Forum on the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities puts children with disabilities in the forefront
NEW YORK, 18 September 2012 - On September 14-15, UNICEF hosted the first Forum of the Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities.

UNICEF report points to rapid progress made in reducing child deaths worldwide
NEW YORK, 13 September 2012 – Across the world, the number of deaths among children under 5 has been on a continuous decline for over two decades, says the 2012 Progress Report on Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed, released by UNICEF.

UNICEF promotes child-focused corporate social responsibility at FACIM 2012
Maputo, September 6 2012- UNICEF was once again present with an information stand at FACIM 2012, to reach out to the private sector and advocate for corporate social responsibility policies focused on the rights of children.

UNICEF supports ICS in training northern delegations in communication for development tools and techniques
Nampula, Mozambique, 03 September 2012 – Last week, the Institute of Social Communication (ICS), with UNICEF support, hosted a regional 5 days training on communication for development tools and techniques in the city of Nampula.

The power of youth - celebrating International Youth Day
NEW YORK, USA, 10 August 2012 – The number of young people globally has never been higher. According to the United Nation’s Population Fund (UNFPA), there are 1.8 billion young people in the world today. For most of them, life is not easy.

World Breastfeeding Week: Make Breastfeeding easier for mothers, says UNICEF
NEW YORK, 1 August 2012 – On the 20th anniversary of World Breastfeeding Week, UNICEF says strong national policies supporting breastfeeding could prevent the deaths of around 1 million children under five in the developing world each year.

CPLP side event on HIV
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 23 July 2012 - On Friday 20 July a Forum on HIV Vertical Transmission, a side event of the CPLP Summit, was held at Hotel Avenida in Maputo under the auspices of the Office of the First Lady of Mozambique.

Providing good health to the people, especially children
CHIBUTO DISTRICT, Mozambique, 10 July 2011 – Anissa dreams of becoming a medical doctor to cure ill and suffering people.

One day I will be a police officer who protects women and children from violence and abuse
CHIBUTO DISTRICT, Mozambique, 10 July 2011 – Luisa da Alegria Damago Nate is a young student who dreams of one day protecting women and children from abuse.

A youth radio reporter dreams of becoming a renowned journalist
CHIBUTO DISTRICT, Mozambique, 10 July 2011 – Raissa, a young radio reporter in the UNICEF-supported child-to-child media programme, from the district of Chibuto, shares her dreams of becoming a famous journalist and being a role model for other children.

My future is my education
CHIBUTO DISTRICT, Mozambique, 10 July 2011 – Artelinda Macuacua, a young student, shares her dreams about her future, which she hopes to achieve through education.

I dream of defending the rights of the poorest in my country
CHIBUTO, Mozambique, 10 July 2011 - 14-year-old Helder Pecho Cossa loves going to school and learning; he loves drawing, singing and learning the English language; and he is passionate about information technology and computers. This is his story.

UNICEF and FDC launch 2012 Budget Briefs
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 28 June 2012 - The Foundation for Community Development (FDC) and UNICEF, in partnership with ROSC, launched the 2012 Budget Briefs on June 26.

Cecília Dimande representing Mozambican children and youth at Rio+20
MOZAMBIQUE, Maputo, 20 June 2012 – Cecília Dimande is a participant in the Child-to-Child media network in Mozambique and young producer of radio programs. She is travelling to the Rio+20 conference as a representative of Mozambican children and youth.

UNICEF Mozambique and the Rio+20 Conference
MOZAMBIQUE, Maputo, 20 June 2012 – The Rio+20 conference, which is formally known as the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development and takes place in Rio de Janeiro this week.

UNICEF calls for social inclusion of children with disabilities in Africa
NEW YORK/ADDIS ABABA, 16 June 2012 – On the Day of the African Child 2012, UNICEF calls on families, communities and governments throughout the continent to protect children with disabilities from discrimination

Program to address MDG 4 & 5 officially launched at MISAU
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 14 June 2012 - This morning, the official launch of a joint project to support the national plans towards Millennium Development Goals (MDG) 4 and 5 focused on maternal and child health took place at MISAU.

IRC and UNICEF Mozambique to collaborate on One Million Initiative in Mozambique
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 11 June 2012 - UNICEF Mozambique Representative Jesper Morch and Nico Terra, Director of the IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding defining their collaboration in Mozambique.

Stewart Sukuma joined by artist friends in amazing Child Rights concert
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 4 June 2012 - On Saturday June 2, Stewart Sukuma and his band Nkhuvu were joined by a selection of excellent Mozambican musicians for the "Artists for Children's Rights" concert, which was sponsored by UNICEF, Stewart and partners.

Quinzena da Criança 2012 - a fortnight focused on children
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 30 May 2012 – The Quinzena da Crianca is a fortnight of activities dedicated to children and their rights that begins with the International Day of the Child on June 1 and ends with the Day of the African Child on June 16.

Children with disabilities: Human rights, equity and inclusive development
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 30 May 2012 - Persons with disabilities include those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments, which may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.

Civil Society, Private Sector and Government reflect on the rights of children with disabilities
MAPUTO, Mozambique 30 May 2012 - A little over 100 people representing various civil society organizations, private sector enterprises, educational institutions and the Government gathered to discuss the rights of children with disability in Mozambique.

Stewart Sukuma and Mozambican artists celebrate the Quinzena with cultural event on June 2
MAPUTO, Mozambique 30 May 2012 - This Saturday in Maputo, the composer and performer Stewart Sukuma and the Nkuvu Band will perform at a cultural event called Artists for Children's Rights, celebrating the Quinzena da Criança.

The NAMWASH project (water and sanitation in small towns) officially launched in Nampula
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 28 May 2012 - The NAMWASH project aims to provide safe water to 150,000 and safe sanitation to 50,000 people in a contribution towards the MDG 7 targets for water and sanitation.

Swedish National Committee broadcasts two films made with UNICEF Mozambique
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 8 May 2012 - On May 1, the Swedish National Committee for UNICEF held its annual fundraising gala on national television in Sweden, featuring several short films from around the world, including two films made in Mozambique.

MICOA calls meeting to discuss strategy document on climate change
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 8 May 2012 - The Mozambican Ministry of the Environment (MICOA) convened staff from several Government ministries and agencies, UN agencies and Civil Society Organizations to review and discuss a new strategy document on climate change

ICS holds two-day national seminar in Chimoio, consults on challenges and opportunities
CHIMOIO, Mozambique, 8 May 2012 - On May 4 and 5, the Institute for Social Communication (ICS) held its first national seminar, gathering its 38 community radio and TV coordinators from across the country as well as 11 provincial delegates.

Community Radio of Mossurize is helping children claim their rights
Mozambique, Manica, Mossurize District, 4 May 2012 - In the Community Radio ‘Chipungumbira’ of Mossurize, radio is changing the lives of local children and community members.

The "Child-to-Child" radio programme of the Community Radio of Mossurize, a helping hand for local children and community members
MANICA, Mozambique, 4 May 2012 - In the Community Radio (CR) ‘Chipungumbira’ of Mossurize, the Child-to-Child radio programme is changing the lives of lives of local children and community members.

Reaching out to orphans and vulnerable families
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 26 April 2012 - On the 17th of April 2012, I travelled to Chibuto in the province of Gaza with IKEA co-workers from Denmark to visit some of the projects supported by IKEA Foundation and implemented by UNICEF.

Serious commitments announced in Washington DC will extend access to sustainable sanitation facilities and improved drinking water sources to millions more people
WASHINGTON DC, April 23, 2012 - Ministerial delegations from almost 40 developing countries assembled yesterday alongside major donors at a meeting hosted by UNICEF and the World Bank.

High level meeting on AIDS concludes: "Innovations key to halting mother-to-child transmission of HIV"
WASHINGTON DC, April 20, 2012 – HIV experts, business leaders, aid agencies, and ambassadors of 22 priority countries, today agreed that the surest way to halt the spread of the deadly virus from mother to child was through strategic innovations.

Civil Society appeal for protection law against violence and abuse of the girl child
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 10 April 2012 - More than sixty Government institutions, UN agencies, donors, private sector entities, CSO, faith based organisations came together to appeal for a law to protect the child against violence and abuse.

UNICEF calls for child-focused corporate social responsibility at the opening of the Bank Fair in Maputo
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 27 March 2012 – Last Friday, UNICEF Mozambique deputy representative Dr. Roberto de Bernardi called on business to promote child-focused corporate social responsibility programmes (CSR) and policies.

Religious and civil society organizations come together to take action for children
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 23 March 2012 - Faith Based Organizations and Civil Society Organizations met to discuss issues related to the promotion and protection of the rights of the children.

The Annual Meeting of the rural water supply and sanitation program known as the One Million Iniative took place in Dondo yesterday
DONDO, Mozambique, 22 March 2012 – Yesterday, the 6th Annual Meeting of the One Million Initiative (OMI) took place in Dondo, Sofala, bringing together some 60 community leaders and a similar number of district level administrators.

Launch of UNICEF-AIAS partnership for the provision of water and sanitation services in urban areas
MAPUTO, Mozambique 22 March 2012 - In January 2012, a partnership between the AIAS, UNICEF and the provincial Directorates of Public Works and Housing in three provinces was created to improve the basic water supply and sanitation in urban areas.

World Water Day message from the United Nations Secretary General
NEW YORK, 22 March 2012 - The theme of this year’s World Water Day is water and food security. Agriculture is by far the main user of freshwater. Unless we increase our capacity to use water wisely in agriculture, we will fail to end hunger.

A Call to Business to Respect and Support Children’s Rights
London, 12 March 2012 - A landmark set of ten principles to ensure that companies respect and support children’s rights have been released.

Photographer Mark Lehn documents the plight of children living in child headed households
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 7 March 2012 - During two weeks in February, professional photographer Mark Lehn traveled with UNICEF staff to the central provinces of Sofala, Manica and Tete to document the plight of children living in child headed households.

Lenny Kravitz supports UNICEF’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene efforts
NEW YORK, 6 March 2012 - Lenny Kravitz is throwing his support behind the global push by UNICEF and its partners to help save the lives of millions of children around the world by providing them with access to clean water and adequate sanitation.

UNICEF and the WHO announce that the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for safe drinking water has been reached
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 6 March 2012 - Today, UNICEF and the WHO jointly announced that the world has met the MDG target of halving the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water, well in advance of the 2015 deadline.

UNICEF launches the 2012 State of the World's Children Report: "Children in an Urban World"
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 28 February 2012 – This afternoon, UNICEF Mozambique representative Jesper Morch launched the 2012 State of the World's Children report, UNICEF's annual flagship publication.

Youth in the correctional system in Maputo province
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 06 February 2012 – In order to understand the situation of children and youth under the Mozambican prison system, the Child Protection Section of UNICEF organized a visit to the main detention centers that house minors in Maputo.

Tropical cyclone leaves families homeless in Zambezia
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 27 January 2012 – According to reports received by UNICEF, hundreds of families in the districts of Pebane and Maganja da Costa in Zambezia have had their dwellings destroyed as a result of the tropical cyclone Funso.

Emergency preparedness in practice
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 27 January 2012 – Given the relatively high frequency of natural disasters in Mozambique, UNICEF Mozambique has been able to develop good practice and procedures to prepare for and respond to emergencies.

UNICEF appeals for US$1.28 billion for its humanitarian operations to assist children in 2012
GENEVA, 27 January 2012 – UNICEF appealed today for US$1.28 billion to fund its humanitarian operations in 2012, assisting children in more than 25 countries globally.

UNICEF's role in emergencies
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 27 January 2012 – UNICEF works in collaboration with local and international partners, including governments, other UN agencies and civil society.

Tropical cyclone Funso tests emergency preparedness in Mozambique
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 27 January 2012 – In the course of two weeks in January, Mozambique was hit by tropical storm Dando and tropical cyclone Funso, which left significant structural damage in their wake and led to a total of 25 deaths.



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