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Brief report of the emergency simulation exercise (SIMEX), 2 November 2012
A brief report of the emergency simulation exercise (SIMEX), which took place in Govuro, Inhambane November 2nd 2012.

Celebrating the International day for Disaster Reduction - Focus on Women and Girls
MAPUTO, 13 October 2012 – The occurrence of natural and man-made disasters including floods, cyclones, drought, fires, earthquakes among others, cause enormous suffering including loss of life, disruption of livelihoods.

Disaster Risk Reduction: Women and Girls, the force for resilience
NEW YORK, 13 October 2012 – There are no truly ‘natural’ disasters. In fact, while hazards such as storms and earthquakes are largely natural, the severity of their impact is determined by the vulnerability of the community they hit.

MICOA calls meeting to discuss strategy document on climate change
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 8 May 2012 - The Mozambican Ministry of the Environment (MICOA) convened staff from several Government ministries and agencies, UN agencies and Civil Society Organizations to review and discuss a new strategy document on climate change

Tropical cyclone leaves families homeless in Zambezia
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 27 January 2012 – According to reports received by UNICEF, hundreds of families in the districts of Pebane and Maganja da Costa in Zambezia have had their dwellings destroyed as a result of the tropical cyclone Funso.

Emergency preparedness in practice
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 27 January 2012 – Given the relatively high frequency of natural disasters in Mozambique, UNICEF Mozambique has been able to develop good practice and procedures to prepare for and respond to emergencies.

UNICEF appeals for US$1.28 billion for its humanitarian operations to assist children in 2012
GENEVA, 27 January 2012 – UNICEF appealed today for US$1.28 billion to fund its humanitarian operations in 2012, assisting children in more than 25 countries globally.

UNICEF's role in emergencies
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 27 January 2012 – UNICEF works in collaboration with local and international partners, including governments, other UN agencies and civil society.

Tropical cyclone Funso tests emergency preparedness in Mozambique
MAPUTO, Mozambique, 27 January 2012 – In the course of two weeks in January, Mozambique was hit by tropical storm Dando and tropical cyclone Funso, which left significant structural damage in their wake and led to a total of 25 deaths.



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