HIV / AIDS and children


What parliamentarians can do about HIV/AIDS



A call to action

The globe of string is the symbol of the campaign. It shows that we are uniting the world in our effort to help all children affected by HIV/AIDS.

UNITE FOR CHILDREN  UNITE AGAINST AIDS brings together government leaders, national and international non-government and civil society organizations, community groups, youth organizations and artists around a common goal: to put the care and protection of children and young people at the centre of the HIV/AIDS agenda.

Government institutions should establish national policies and strategies and allocate resources that will help reverse and halt the spread of HIV and AIDS among children.

Young people should participate fully in the development and communication of messages about prevention, stigma, discrimination and living positive.

Civil society partners should expand their support for children affected by HIV/AIDS, including psycho-social interventions and empowerment of families and communities.

The media should document and promote public discussion on HIV/AIDS and the impact and consequences for children.

Bilateral and multi-lateral partners should provide intensified technical support to government and non-governmental institutions working in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Families and communities must protect vulnerable young girls and boys from HIV and make prevention a priority.

Private sector organisations should play a key role in providing opportunities for young people to gain skills, knowledge and education.

Community leaders should advocate for and mobilise support to ensure that all orphaned and vulnerable children have access to basic services such as education, food, shelter and healthcare.



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