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Promoting girls’ education to provide all children a healthy start in life
Maputo, 08 September 2008 - “Literacy is the best remedy” is the theme of International Literacy Day this year.

Children and community members unite in the management of water and sanitation at school
Zambézia Province, April 2008 – The lives of the children and of the community around the Limuila Primary School, in Maganja da Costa district, have been improving since last year with the installation of a source of clean drinking water.

Community radio mobilises girls to go to school
Zambézia Province, March 2008 – The Maganja da Costa District, in Zambézia Province, will never be the same again. For almost a year, many families have been awakened at daybreak by the pleasant voice of the young announcers at Erive Community Radio.

Young people learn to protect themselves against HIV in the classroom
Maputo, 22 February 2008 – Every week, activists from Kindlimuka – an association of people living with HIV – visit primary schools in Maputo to discuss with students ways they can protect themselves against HIV.

Working together to rebuild schools after devastating cyclone
Maputo, 24 October 2007 – In response to the severe damage caused to schools by Cyclone Favio in February 2007, UNICEF and the Provincial Government of Inhambane have been working together to improve the education of children throughout the province.

Child-friendly-schools to benefit 300,000 children
Maputo, 11 October 2007- Over 300.000 children will benefit from better education and improved school environment as a result of the Child-Friendly Schools (CFS) programme in Mozambique.

Children and community members speak about water and sanitation in schools
Maputo 28 September 2006- The UNICEF report Progress for Children: A Report Card on Water and Sanitation shows that the lack of water and sanitation in schools is still a problem in many countries of Eastern and Southern Africa.

Partners meet to discuss child-friendly schools in Africa
Maputo, 21 August 2006- Partners from nine African countries are meeting in Maputo from 21 to 24 August 2006 to discuss better ways to improve the quality of basic education in Africa.

Children paint their dreams for better education
Maputo, 11 August 2006- Hundreds of primary school children from the Ponta do Ouro primary school in the district of Matutuine depicted their dreams for better education last July as part of a painting workshop organized by the artist Naguib.

When schools become child friendly
Maputo, 16 May 2006- Schools are each day becoming more friendly for children in Maganja da Costa, a district in the northern Province of Zambézia.



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