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Mozambique eliminates maternal and neonatal tetanus
MAPUTO, Mozambique - 23 November 2010 – Mozambique has joined the ranks of the 19 countries that have eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus since 2000, according to a validation survey conducted last month in compliance with World Health Organization.

Promoting universal salt iodisation in Mozambique
Boane, Maputo Province, November 2010 – In spite of enormous challenges in the production and promotion of iodised salt, many producers have demonstrated that more and more children and their families can get access to quality salt in the country.

Integrated health care for mothers and children helps to save lives
Mozambique, Tete, September 2010 – Aida Olimpio, 22, is six months pregnant and has arrived for her antenatal consultation at the Mavuzi Ponte health centre, a rural outpost in Chiuta district.

Mozambique’s Breastfeeding Week highlights the role of health professionals
Maputo, 23 August 2010 – Every day, around 340 children under the age of five die in Mozambique, mostly of easily preventable and treatable diseases. Breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to reduce that toll.

New water and sanitation facilities improve school environment in remote communities
Buzi District, Mozambique, July 2010 – It is mid morning and students from Manica Primary School in Buzi District, Sofala Province, just came out of their classrooms for a short break.

Changing mindsets with community-led total sanitation
Changara, Mozambique, May 2010 – The pounding of the drums begins the dancing. A crowd of adults and children watch from under the small umbrella relief of tall leafy trees.

Mozambique’s ambitious push against malaria
Mozambique, 2010 – After a 30-kilometre race on a motorbike and a twenty-minute blood test in a rural health clinic confirmed the worst – severe malaria with complications – three-year-old Bonita Gomes was rushed at midnight another 10 kilometres.

Mother and child health week reaches millions across the country
Mozambique, 16 April 2010 – A nation-wide mother and child health week was heald from 12-16 April, aiming to reach over 3.5 million children and all mother of child-bearing age in the country with an integrated package of health interventions.

Community leaders recognised for eliminating open defecation in their communities
Mozambique, 5 April 2010 – One hundred and fifty one communities in Tete, Manica and Sofala provinces were declared open defecation-free today during a ceremony in Changara district, Tete province.

Mozambique’s first Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food factory opens in Beira
Mozambique, April 2010 – The first factory producing Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food in Mozambique will be launched in Beira on Monday 5 April by Minister of Health Ivo Garrido in an effort to scale up integrated nutrition interventions.

National seminar on nutrition aims to tackle chronic malnutrition in Mozambique
Maputo, 1 March 2010 – A national seminar on nutrition will be held in Maputo on 3 and 4 March.

Nutritional Rehabilitation Programme helps children at risk
Mozambique, December 2009 - It is late morning in the city of Xai-Xai, the capital of the province of Gaza. In the paediatric ward of the Central Hospital, 14-month-old João plays happily on the lap of her mother Delfina.

National Child Mortality Study 2009: Summary report
Mozambique, 30 September 2009 – The Ministry of Health, with support from UNICEF and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, conducted a national child mortality study to measure neonatal, infant and under-five mortality rates in Mozambique.

Child Health Week to reach 3 million children across the country
Maputo, May 2009 – A nationwide Child Health Week taking place from 18 to 22 May 2009 will provide, over five days, a package of health interventions.

Mosquito nets for all children under the age of 5
Maputo, May 2009 – All children under five years living in the 92 districts not covered by house spraying in Mozambique will have received before the end this year a mosquito net treated with long lasting insecticide (LLIN).

Survey: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Mozambique, March 2009 – In 2008, UNICEF contracted the firm WE Consult Lda to conduct a household survey on water, hygiene and sanitation in 9 districts of Mozambique. The survey aimed to collect information for use as baseline data for 18 districts.

Survey: Integrated Health Systems Strengthening and Child-Friendly Districts
Mozambique, March 2009 – In 2008, UNICEF Mozambique contracted an independent consultant to conduct a household survey in nine districts of Mozambique.

Students learn the ABC of hand washing
Quelimane (Zambezia Province), 15 October 2008 - The 3rd grade students at Nhanhubua primary school, in the outskirts of Quelimane, were in for a surprise this morning when they returned to their classroom after the break.

Second National Child Health Week to reach around 3.5 million children
Maputo, 4 October 2008 – A second National Child Health Week takes place in Mozambique from 6 to 10 October 2008 in an effort to accelerate the country’s child survival and development strategy and improve child health indicators.

Mothers learn the basics of a healthy diet for their children
Nampula (Mozambique), August 2008 – It is mid-morning in Ilha de Mocambique. In the mother-and-child ward of the island’s main health centre, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore can be heard through an opened window.

Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life can avert up to 13 per cent of under-five deaths
Maputo, 1 August 2008 – As part of the World Breastfeeding Week, which is celebrated from 1 to 7 August, UNICEF and partners are recommending that mothers are supported and encouraged to exclusively breastfeed their children for the first six months of life.

World Malaria Day: partners work together to fight the child-killer disease
Maputo, April 2008 – On April 25th this year the world unites to celebrate the first World Malaria Day. The theme for this year’s celebrations is “a disease without borders”.

Accelerated interventions reach more children with basic health services
Maputo, April 2008 - The daily routine in Djabula was interrupted today by a very important event happening in the community. A mobile health unit came to the village bringing basic health services for children under 5 years old.

Children and community members unite in the management of water and sanitation at school
Zambézia Province, April 2008 – The lives of the children and of the community around the Limuila Primary School, in Maganja da Costa district, have been improving since last year with the installation of a source of clean drinking water.

More than 500,000 mosquito nets distributed to children under five years old
Maputo, 9 November 2007 – A wide-ranging campaign to distribute over 500,000 mosquito nets is currently underway in Mozambique, from October through December, in five of the country’s provinces.

Promoting initiation of breastfeeding in the first hour after birth can help saving children’s lives
Maputo, 1 August 2007- From 1 to 7 August over 120 countries around the world dedicate the week to call attention to the importance of exclusive breastfeeding to child survival and development.

Malaria prevention increases the chances for survival and healthy growth of Mozambican children
Maputo, 27 July 2007 – Malaria remains one of the main threats to the survival of children in Mozambique. It is estimated that this disease is the cause of more than two out of every five deaths among children under five years old in the country.

Children participate through art to advocate for their right to grow up healthy
Maputo, 13 July 2007– Boys and girls aged 14 to 15 from the Arco-Iris (Rainbow) child protection centre in Maputo have taken part in producing several paintings on the right of the children to grow up healthy.

Africa Malaria Day: fighting the main child killer
Maputo, 23 April 2007- On 25 April of every year, African countries highlight the efforts that are being made to combat malaria in on the continent.

World Health Day: promoting child survival
Maputo, 6 April 2007- On 7 April the world unites to celebrate the World Health Day. The theme for this year is “international health security”.

Water and sanitation initiative benefits one million people
Maputo 9 February 2007- More than one million people in the central region of Mozambique will have improved access to adequate sanitation facilities and water sources as a result of the One Million Initiative.

World Water Day: children can help bring solutions
Maputo, 22 March 2006- Under the theme Water and Culture, World Water Day 2006 highlights the many ways water is used and celebrated across the world.



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