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About UNICEF Moldova

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   UNICEF came to Moldova in 1995 in response to the emerging needs of children, young people and their families.

   Moldova is actively seeking to break the cycle of poverty and migration which set in during the transition years of the 1990s.  Despite progress, Moldova remains the poorest country in Europe.  Education quality has decreased as Moldova struggles economically; many children face poor living conditions and family break up as their parents are forced to seek work as migrants in other countries.  Moldova also has a large number of children in institutional care.

   UNICEF works to help the Government of Moldova, communities, families and children to protect children’s rights and make sure they have the services they need. This means ensuring that all children, especially the most vulnerable, get the health care they need, have well informed and supportive parents or caregivers, attend school and are kept safe from harm.

   A high priority in Moldova is protecting children from violence, abuse, neglect and deprivation of a family environment.  The most vulnerable children in Moldova are at risk of missing out on health care and education and of being exposed to further risks of exploitation and trafficking.  

   Our overall goal is, ‘all rights for all children with no child left out.

   What UNICEF does

   UNICEF acts as an advocate for children and young people in Moldova.  We work closely with the Government and NGOs to meet the needs of children in addressing the challenges above.

   The current UNICEF-Government of Moldova Country Programme runs to the end of 2012 and supports the Government’s capacity to better realize the rights of children and young people.

   The Programme has three components:

  • Protecting children against violence, abuse and neglect
  • Ensuring equitable access for all to high quality services in health and education.
  • Developing social policy and advocacy based on evidence and data on children

   We carry out our programme in three main ways:

  • We lobby for effective, evidenced based policies to benefit children
  • We support innovative programmes to care for and protect children
  • We ensure that the voices of children and young people are heard

   The Programme works in all of Moldova, making special efforts to reach children in the breakaway region of Transnistria as well as the rest of the country.







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