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  State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report – 26 February 2015

  • The Israeli government’s withholding of an estimated USD 375 million in Palestinian tax revenues it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Government, has led to increased tensions in the State of Palestine.
  • The number of IDPs in UNRWA Collective Centers stands at 9,490.

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  SUDAN Humanitarian Situation Report - January 2015
  • At the start of 2015, the multiple crises in Sudan remain amongst the worst affecting children in the world today. 3.24 million children are targeted for humanitarian assistance programmes under the Strategic Response Plan (SRP).
  • UNICEF distributed 16,250 blankets in response to one of the coldest periods in Darfur in the past decade which coincided with increased displacements of people following intensified conflicts in Um Baru, North Darfur and Eastern Jabel Marra.
   State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report – 29 January 2015
  • 539 children killed
  • 2,257 total deaths
  • 54,000 children homeless
  • 2,956 children injured
  • 1,500 children orphaned
  • 89 entire families killed
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  Yemen Situation Report for 29 January 2015

  • Over the past few days, thousands of Yemenis have taken to the streets protesting against or in favour of the Houthi group that has taken over the capital Sana’a. Some protestors were reportedly kidnapped and subsequently released and others, including journalists, were reportedly injured during the protests.
   Yemen Situation Report for January 2015

  • After yesterday’s heavy fighting between the Presidential guards and the Houthis armed group, a fragile ceasefire fire was brokered between the warring parties, but latest media reports suggest that the ceasefire has collapsed and the armed group has taken over the Presidential palace. These media reports need to be verified.
  SUDAN Humanitarian Situation Report - December 2014
  • 4.2 million children in Sudan require urgent humanitarian assistance today. This makes Sudan one of the worst humanitarian crisis for children in the world.
  • A polio immunisation campaign was successfully conducted targeting 2.8 million under five children in twelve high risk states following new cases of the disease recorded in South Sudan.
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  State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report – 2 January 2015
  • Tensions are on the rise in the State of Palestine.
  • The number of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in UNRWA Collective Centers stands at 17,913.
  • In 2014, 14 boys aged between 11 and 17 years old were killed in the West Bank.
  • 72,082 children have been reached through structured group and individual counselling activities.
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   State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report-20 November 2014
  • Tensions keep rising in the State of Palestine. Serious security incidents were reported in East Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza in the past two weeks. The attacks included an attack by two Palestinians on a synagogue in West Jerusalem killing 4 Jewish worshippers and a police officer. An IDF personnel was stabbed to death in Tel Aviv and an Israeli settler north of Hebron. A Palestinian bus driver was found hanged inside his bus in West Jerusalem and a 10 year old boy was shot by IDF after crossing the border from Gaza to Israel. IDF transported the boy to hospital.
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  Yemen Situation Report for November 2014
  •  In November, WFP is targeting 3,872,600 beneficiaries: 44,600 under Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO) 200305 and 3,828,000 under PRRO 200636.

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   Yemen Situation Report for October 2014
  • 42,000 students from 85 schools in Aden (grades 1-3) received School Hygiene Kits as part of the global hand washing day celebrations.
  • 14,297 children in Mareb and Sana’a have received new school furniture following rehabilitation of their schools through the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) programme.
  State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report-23 October 2014
  • A joint Health Sector assessment, published this week, highlights the dire situation in Gaza.
  • A harsh winter is feared in Gaza. UNICEF and partners are procuring supplies to respond to the urgent needs of the population.
  • The ceasefire continues to hold but a number of security incidents were reported this week, including in Jerusalem.
  State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report October 2014
  • A female died of wounds sustained in the 50 day conflict.
  • A number of security incidents were reported this week but the ceasefire continues to hold.
  • The Fatah-Hamas reconciliation government convened its first-ever cabinet session on 9 October in the Gaza Strip.
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  Yemen Situation Report for September 2014
  • Around 75,000 children in Sana’a had their education disrupted as their schools were in or around the conflict zones. Escalation of conflicts led to the suspension of all schools in the city.
  • 27,840 children are benefiting from the distribution of 9,280 benches and tables to the 32 Global Partnership for Education (GPE) schools in Sa’ada, Sana’a, Mareb and Aden Governorates

  • Fifty days of the most intense fighting in the history of Gaza have wreaked havoc in the lives of children and families.
  • Apart from an initial wave of support during the conflict primarily for shelter and food, resources have been lacking for other critical needs of children. 

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   Children in Islam (2005)

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    State of Palestine Situation Report- 25 August, 2014
  • 26 August will mark the 50th day of the current escalation in the Gaza-Israel conflict that has seen almost 500 children killed.
  • In the past 48 hours alone, an additional nine Palestinian children were killed throughout Gaza.
  • An estimated 1,000 of the 3,000 children who have been injured will suffer from a permanent disability.
   Sudan Nutrition Sector Bulletin August 2014
  • The 2014 revised and endorsed Strategic Response Plan (SRP) for Sudan indicates malnutrition as being an area of top priority.
  • The endorsed locality level data from the Sudan simple spatial sampling (S3M) survey (2014), which were included in the SRP, indicate that Sudan has a huge burden of acute malnutrition – 52 of the 184 localities have a severe acute malnutrition (SAM) rate that is classified as critical.
   State of Palestine Situation Report- 18 August, 2014
  • The five-day temporary ceasefire that entered into effect at midnight 13 August has held with no major incidents reported.
  • The situation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) is fluid and has risen, with 265,888 now seeking refuge in 88 UNRWA-managed emergency shelters.
  • Alternative housing will be needed for the approximately 100,750 people whose homes have been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable.
   Yemen Situation Report for July 2014
  • The situation in Amran remains stable with reports of hundreds of displaced families returning home
  •  New SMART survey results reveal significant improvements in malnutrition rates in Lahj

  A Study on Early Marriage in Jordan - 2014

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  Yemen Situation Report for June 2014
  • 3,500 children are now learning in 10 newly constructed schools as part of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) programme in Sa’ada.
  • Vulnerable and IDP communities are at heightened risk of consuming unsafe water as continued fuel shortages impact on the operation of rural water supply systems
  Yemen Situation Report for May 2014
  • On 14 May 2014, an Action Plan was signed between the Government of Yemen and the UN to end child recruit-ment and use asso-ciated with govern-ment forces.
  • Despite fuel short-ages throughout the country, UNICEF worked with Harad Local Council and Oil Company to ensure sufficient fuel is available to oper-ate the safe water supply system in Al Mazraq camp.
  Yemen Situation Report for April 2014
  • A polio campaign this month reached the highest ever numbers of children in the hard to access governorates of Sa’ada and Al Jawf.
  • 63,875 conflict affected children are benefiting from improved physical environment of their schools under the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Accelerated Grant Programme.
  • 16 rural villages with a population of 4,681 have been declared open defecation free (ODF) in 5 districts of Taiz Governorate.
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   Yemen Situation Report for March 2014

  • 9,500 people are benefitting from the newly renovated water network in Haidan—Sa’ada, an area heavily affected by the conflict.
  • An inter-agency mission managed to access Al-Dhale on March 26 after several months of advocacy with national authorities.
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  UN Iraq Weekly situation report on Anbar Humanitarian Crisis # 16.

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  Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan:

  • Situation of children in Yemen
  • Yemen Key facts sheet
  • Yemen key indicators
  • Key facts on malnutrition
  • Nutrition geographic priorities
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   UNICEF Yemen Situation Report-February 2014:

  • The 2014 Humanitarian Response Plan was launched in February with a total appeal of $592million. UNICEF’s appeal stands at $65million, targeting 3 million children and adults.
  • 1,677 children in conflict-affected areas of Sana’a have been screened for malnutrition

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   UNICEF Yemen Situation Report-January 2014:

  • 11,559 children are set to benefit from improved learning environments over the next few months as improvement plans are reviewed and implemented in 21 schools in Sa’ada and Al Jawf.
  • 135 children including 73 unaccompanied migrant children were helped to return voluntarily to Ethiopia this month by IOM with UNICEF and DRC.
  • The Key Focus this month is the conflict in the north and south
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UNICEF Sudan Humanitarian Situation Report-March 2014

  • By the end of February, the influx from South Sudan had accumulated to just over 40,000 and those people are mostly hosted in White Nile State.
  • The security situation deteriorated in South Darfur and North Darfur, with renewed clashes between armed groups and militias, and leading to new displacements of 30,000 to 40,000 people.
  • The Interagency Regional Appeal for the South Sudan refugee crisis has been finalized. 
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  UNICEF Humanitarian Action for Children 2014

UNICEF’s global appeal, which highlights the challenges faced by children in humanitarian situations, the support required to help them survive and thrive, and the results that are possible in even the most difficult of circumstances.

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  UNICEF SUDAN: Humanitarian Situation Report, January 2014
  • Out of 11 Emergency Nutrition Assessments undertaken during January, 9 showed results above emergency levels.
  • As a result to an agreement with a radio station in Kadugli, a new promising initiative is using local radio stations to broadcast key nutrition messages was introduced in South Kordofan State.
  • During the month of January, UNICEF has developed a Preparedness and Response plan to the influx of people coming from South Sudan.
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  - Approximately 700 South Sudanese nationals that had been stranded in Khartoum’s open areas since 2011 have left Sudan to South Sudan Northern – Bahr el Gazal State.

- In West Kordofan, inter-communal fighting between Hamar and Ma’alyia ethnic groups left 38 dead and an estimated 6,000 displaced.

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  Polio Regional Communication package

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  Birth registration is one of the most critical ways to ensure that children are not forgotten, denied their rights and hidden from the progress of nations. It is the first step in securing a child’s rights – a passport to protection. Still, nearly 230 million children under five have never been registered. Officially, these children do not exist.

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UNICEF Yemen Situation Report: November 2013

- Rehabilitation work has begun on all 142 schools in the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) funded programme, which aims to improve education for 65,000 boys and girls in 5 governorates in Yemen.
- The Al Waleed Bin Talal supported schools project to encourage girls education was launched in Aden (in the south) and Hodeidah (central/west Yemen) this month, attended by deputy governors, education office, mother/father councils and district education officers.
- Recent and ongoing clashes in the north of the country mean that access to the area is risky and difficult.
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  UNICEF Sudan's SitRep for November 2013
Two MOH staff were killed in an attack / car high-jacking during measles campaign, near
el Geneina
-A total of 44 suspected yellow fever cases have been reported in South Kordofan and
West Kordofan (case fatality rate: 31.8 per cent).
-Advocacy efforts to vaccinate 165,000 children in rebel controlled areas in South
Kordofan and Blue Nile continue.
-Inter-communal violence in Central Darfur resulted in casualties and displacements.
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  A new report released today by UNICEF shows great progress has been made to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, with more than 850,000 new childhood infections averted between 2005 and 2012 in low- and middle-income countries.

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Core Commitments for Children in Humanitarian Action - 2010

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  UNICEF Sudan's SitRep for October 2013
President Bashir visited Juba on 23 October. An agreement was reached with President Kiir of South Sudan to abolish the requirement of an entry visa for diplomatic passport holders.
Over 5,000 Dinka Ngok have returned to Abyei since early September as debate over a proposed referendum continues.
Planning goes ahead for the polio vaccination campaign in South Kordofan and Blue Nile states.
By end of October 2013, the UNICEF Humanitarian Work Plan 2013 requirements are 44.6% funded and the funding gap is USD 29,702,532.

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UNICEF Sudan's SitRep for September 2013
The Government of Sudan issued a decree on 22 September 2013 partially lifting fuel and wheat subsidies. Protests, seemingly spontaneous and mainly consisting of young people, broke out throughout the country.
Emergency relief operations continued to assist the flood affected population throughout the Country.
Fighting in South Kordofan and Blue Nile continued to result in deaths and displacements of people into South Sudan.
The situation in Abyei Administrative Area remained fragile, with the deadline of October Referendum approaching.
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  Female circumcision FGM/C is practiced in about 29 African countries and some Asian countries. It is widespread in the region known as the African Sahel, referring to countries located around the equator. Within the Islamic World, FGM/C is practiced only in Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Djibouti, and some parts of Yemen and Oman. Studies and research conducted in Egypt confirmed that this practice is found across the country, with the highest prevalence found in Upper Egypt. This new report, the result of cooperation between UNICEF and AL Azhar University in Egypt, addresses questions, queries and misconceptions about FGM/C
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  UNICEF's flagship report The State of the World's Children is out. The focus this year is on Children with Disabilities. The report examines the barriers – from inaccessible buildings to dismissive attitudes, from invisibility in official statistics to vicious discrimination – that deprive children with disabilities of their rights and keep them from participating fully in society. The report also lays out some of the key elements of inclusive societies that respect and protect the rights of all children, regardless of disability, and progress in helping all children to flourish and make their contribution to the world. 
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  UNICEF Annual Report 2012 outlines UNICEF’s work to achieve equitable results for children through programmes in more than 150 countries, areas and territories. In 2012, UNICEF strengthened programme monitoring, harnessed innovation and broadened partnerships to deliver better, more cost-effective results. Strategic business improvements helped UNICEF increase transparency and accountability in its operations. UNICEF played a leadership role in consultations on the post-2015 development agenda, advocating for the inclusion of children, equity, sustainability and the acceleration of progress on the current Millennium Development Goals.
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  UNICEF’s Humanitarian Action for Children 2013 highlights the challenges children face in humanitarian situations around the world. It appeals for urgent support that will make a difference in children’s lives.
More information, including country and regional chapters, is available at

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  Children of Syria newsletter 6 June 2013
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Fact Sheet on situation of children with disabilities

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Syria Crisis Humanitarian SitRep 4 April 2013                                                                                                             

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   Syria Crisis Humanitarian SitRep 21 March 2013

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  Syria crisis fact sheet-En - March 2013

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  Syria crisis newsletter 28 Feb. 2013

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Syria crisis fact sheet, March 2013        

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Syria crisis Eduction fact sheet, March 2013

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Syria crisis WASH fact sheet, Feb. 2013

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Syria crisis newsletter 28 Feb. 2013 - En

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