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   أغسطس 2016  تقرير الوضع  الإنساني في اليمن

تصاعدت الأعمال القتالية بشك مثير في كافة مناطق البلاد بُعيد تعليق محادثات
السلام التي رعتها الأمم المتحدة في الكويت متسببة في إزهاق أرواح المزيد من
المدنيين وإلحاق اضرار بليغة بالبنية التحتية المدنية. هذا وكانت الغارات الجوية
قد استأنفت في شمال البلاد والعاصمة صنعاء فيما تواصل القتال الميداني في تعز
ومأرب والجوف وصنعاء. وقد تضررت العمليات الإنسانية والقدرة على الوصول
كثير ا جراء ذلك.

لتحميل الملف اضغط هنا
  يوليو 2016  تقرير الوضع  الإنساني في اليمن

تأثر الوضع في اليمن سلب ا جراء توقف مفاوضات السلام واستمرار الأعمال
العدائية وتردي الوضع الاقتصادي. كما أن النزاع المتصاعد وارتفاع أسعار
الوقود والسلع الأساسية والنقص الحاد في السيولة النقدية تؤثر بعمق على
المنظومات الوطنية – وعلى وجه الخصوص المنظومة الصحية. ويتوقع أن تزداد
الاحتياجات الإنسانية الهائلة في اليمن خلال الأشهر المقبلة

لتحميل الملف اضغط هنا

    UNICEF Iraq Humanitarian Situation Report July 2016 

• As of 22 July, there were 3,369,252 people displaced across 105 districts and
3,823 locations in Iraq, increased by 1 per cent since 22 June. In addition there
are 796,758 returnees, with significant numbers in Salah al Din, Anbar, Diyala,
and Ninewa governorates. Overall, the figure increased by 6 per cent within
the same period. At least 47 per cent of these are children under 18.

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     UNICEF Yemen Humanitarian Situation Report July 2016 

• About 14.1 million people in Yemen are facing food insecurity. Life-saving assistance is urgently required to meet immediate food and nutrition needs.

• The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) continues to grow. Over 2.8 million people have fled from their homes due to ongoing conflict. Nearly 765,000 people have so far returned to their homes but are facing harsh living conditions due to loss of livelihoods and damage or destruction of former shelters.

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    UNICEF Sudan Humanitarian Situation Report July 2016 

• The 2016 Sudan Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) was launched on 12 July,
requesting US$952 million to support 4.6 million people targeted for
humanitarian assistance. The plan is 22 per cent funded, with a further
US$741 million still needed to support the 2016 humanitarian response.

• Sudan became the first country in the African meningitis belt to introduce
meningitis A as part of routine immunisations. This will prevent vulnerable
children from contracting the disease and reduce outbreaks.

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   UNICEF Libya Humanitarian Situation Report July 2016 

• The humanitarian situation in Libya continues to deteriorate with over 2.44
million people in need of basic humanitarian assistance including access to
safe water, health services, protection and education. Since May 2016, the
Government of National Accord was leading the fight against the so-called
Islamic State in the city of Sirte and its surroundings and meanwhile, the
Dignity operation under the leadership of General Haftar is still ongoing in
Benghazi. On 9th June, UNICEF spearheaded an emergency response
addressing the hygiene needs, around 1,300 displaced families from Sirte.
Additionally, UNICEF child protection partners are seeking ways to establish
child friendly spaces in the areas of recent displacement from Sirte.

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   UNICEF Djibouti Humanitarian Situation Report June 2016 

• UNICEF and partners have provided life-saving nutritional food to 2,612
children suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

• With a funding gap of about 90 per cent in all sectors of response,
UNICEF is unable to meet the basic services for the most vulnerable
children and women, and help building their resilience to resist future

• School attendance among Yemeni refugee children decreased to 60 per
cent, as many boys started working with their father as fishermen and
several Yemeni families chose to return to Yemen despite the
persistence of the conflict.

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    UNICEF Iraq Flash Update: Anbar Governorate July 2016

• More than 85,000 people (over 14,200 families) have been displaced in Anbar
governorate since 23 May due to escalation of conflict in Fallujah and surrounding
areas. An estimated 30,000 people were displaced between 15 and 17 June alone.

• Protection remains a paramount concern, as security screening procedures
separate boys and men from their families, and place civilians at risk of
maltreatment in inhumane conditions. UNICEF is concerned about children’s
exposure to IEDs, grave violations of their rights, and the impact of violence on
their mental health and future development.

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       UNICEF State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report: June 2016
    • During the month of June, the situation remained tense in the State of Palestine with violent clashes in the West Bank and demonstrations in Gaza. In June, there were four Palestinians killed by Israeli forces and four Israeli casualties including a 13-year-old girl killed in her house in a settlement near Hebron during an attack by a Palestinian youth.
    •  In Gaza, UNICEF with its partners Ma’an and Tamer reached 662 children with psychosocial support including group and individual counseling in the supported Family Centres. Additionally, 1,893 children received child protection services in the form of life skills, case management and child-parent interaction programmes,

     UNICEF Iraq Humanitarian Situation Report: May 2016
    • As of 26 May, there were 3,306,822 people displaced in Iraq (551,137 families), at least 47 percent of whom are children under 18.
    • Military operations to retake the city of Fallujah began this month, UNICEF highlighted protection concerns in the international media for the estimated 20,000 children remaining in the city.
            UNICEF Sudan Humanitarian Situation Report: May 2016



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