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Children killed and injured by landmines and unexploded ordnance in eastern Ukraine - UNICEF
KYIV/GENEVA, 31 March 2015 –At least 109 children are reported to have been injured and 42 killed by landmines and unexploded ordnance in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions of eastern Ukraine since March last year, UNICEF said today.

Urgent action needed to assist people affected by conflict in Nigeria and Ukraine - UNICEF and OCHA
NEW YORK, 19 March 2015 – Addressing the media today after returning from a week-long mission to Nigeria and Ukraine, John Ging of OCHA and Afshan Khan of UNICEF, called on the international community to support efforts under way to assist civilians in both countries.

UNICEF statement on plight of child migrants in the Mediterranean
BRUSSELS, 26 February 2015 – “Since the beginning of the year, not a single week has gone by without reports of people, mostly from conflict-torn countries, crossing the Mediterranean on unsafe boats in search of sanctuary in Europe.

Ukraine: United Nations delivers 62 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Donetsk
GENEVA/KYIV, 19 February 2015 – The United Nations delivered 62 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Donetsk today. This includes essential hygiene items, warm clothes, blankets, condensed milk powder, drinking water, and medical supplies procured by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO).

UNICEF and Hungary announce agreement in principle to establish new UNICEF Global Services Centre in Budapest
NEW YORK/BUDAPEST, 10 February 2015 – The Government of Hungary and UNICEF announced today that they have agreed in principle to establish UNICEF’s first-ever Global Shared Services Centre in Budapest.  The new centre will conduct a broad range of UNICEF’s financial and human resources operations worldwide, enabling the children’s organization to realize greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Over 1,000 children in bomb shelters in Ukraine urgently need help: UNICEF
GENEVA/KYIV/NEW YORK, 27 January 2015 – Over 1,000 children are forced to seek refuge in underground bomb shelters in Donetsk city due to ongoing violence in eastern Ukraine, UNICEF said.

Conflict in Ukraine leaves almost 150 schools closed: UNICEF
NEW YORK/GENEVA/KYIV, 19 December 2014 – Conflict in Ukraine has left 147 schools closed in parts of Donetsk Oblast where fighting is ongoing, and disrupted the education of some 50,000 children since September 1.

European Parliament celebrates CRC@25 and renews EU commitments for children
STRASBOURG, 27 November 2014 - In a special plenary session, the European Parliament adopted a resolution marking the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) with a call to place children’s rights at the heart of the European Union’s internal and external policies.

Scotland and England unite to protect children from Ebola
LONDON, UK, 16 November 2014 - An urgent television appeal to help protect children in danger from the deadliest ever Ebola outbreak will be broadcast during the England v Scotland international on Tuesday night to raise money for Unicef’s Emergency Ebola Appeal.

Statement on the protection of children during the armed conflict in Eastern Ukraine
GENEVA/KYIV, 7 November 2014 – The senseless killing of two children and injury of four others in the shelling of a school sports field in Donetsk, Ukraine, on Wednesday is a shocking reminder of the price being paid by children and families in the ongoing violence in Eastern Ukraine.

UNICEF statement on deaths of children in Donetsk, Ukraine
KYIV/GENEVA, 6 November 2014 - UNICEF is saddened to learn that at least two children were killed and four have been injured as a result of shelling of a school sports field in Donetsk city on 5 November 2014. We at UNICEF express our deepest sympathies to the families of the children who have lost their lives or been injured. UNICEF reminds all parties to the conflict that they have a responsibility to keep children out of harm’s way.

2.6 million more children plunged into poverty in rich countries during Great Recession
ROME/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 28 October 2014 – A new UNICEF report shows that 2.6 million children have sunk below the poverty line in the world’s most affluent countries since 2008, bringing the total number of children in the developed world living in poverty to an estimated 76.5 million.

Support vulnerable families to reduce reliance on institutional care: UNICEF
NEW YORK, 10 September 2014 – At least 1.4 million children in 26 countries across Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia are growing up apart from their biological parents, often in institutional settings that can affect their development. Supporting families at risk of separation can reduce the need for institutional care and promote the right of all children to be raised in a nurturing family environment.

Children affected by crisis in Ukraine tell their stories in one-minute videos
LVIV, Ukraine, 25 July 2014 – UNICEF Ukraine today released the latest in UNICEF’s OneMinutesJr video series, featuring stories by 14 internally displaced children 6 to 17 years old from Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

UNICEF Romania releases music video to support #EndViolence
BUCHAREST, Romania, 24 July 2014 - UNICEF Romania today launched a new music video dedicated to the prevention of violence against children as part of the global campaign #ENDviolence. 

Media Advisory - Girl Summit: Ending female genital mutilation and child marriage within a generation
Girls who undergo FGM/C are at risk of prolonged bleeding, infection including HIV, infertility, and death. A girl who is married as a child is more likely to be out of school, experience domestic abuse and contract sexually transmitted infections.  She will have children when she herself is still a child, and is far more likely to die due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth than women in their twenties.

Action and investment needed to universalize education: UNICEF
BRUSSELS, 26 June 2014 – Recent data show that progress in making education truly universal and inclusive, and the investment required to do so, have stalled. Today’s Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Second Replenishment conference calls on the international community to commit to giving all children access to school and learning.

New Lancet Series finds counting births and deaths is an indicator of progress towards ending 3 million preventable infant deaths
LONDON, 20 May 2014 - Each year, 5.5 million babies enter and leave the world without being recorded and one in three newborns—over 45 million babies—do not have a birth certificate by their first birthday. Babies who are stillborn, born too early, or who die soon after birth are least likely to be registered, even in high-income countries.

UNICEF fears the worst for hundreds of thousands of children in South Sudan
OSLO, 18 May 2014 – On the eve of the Oslo Humanitarian Pledging Conference, UNICEF warned that hundreds of thousands of children in South Sudan’s three most conflict-affected states are at imminent risk of death and disease, including the threat of cholera.

UNICEF: Prioritize children to speed up Roma inclusion in Europe
BRUSSELS/GENEVA, 3 April 2014 - On the eve of the third Roma summit in Brussels today, UNICEF calls on European governments to firmly place children at the centre of Roma inclusion policies.

Racing against time for children in South Sudan: IKEA Foundation supports UNICEF
GENEVA, 28 March 2014 – The IKEA Foundation today announced a contribution of Euro 1 million to UNICEF in support of its efforts to scale up the emergency response in South Sudan ahead of the imminent rainy season.

UNICEF: Justice still out of reach for millions of children
GENEVA, 13 March 2014 — Millions of children across the globe have their rights violated, but only a few are able to seek recourse to improve their situation in a timely, fair and effective way, UNICEF said today.

UNICEF statement on the impact of the violence in Ukraine on children
KYIV, Ukraine/ GENEVA/ NEW YORK, 20 February 2014 - The impact of the heightened violence in Ukraine on children and their families is a matter of growing concern.

Telenor Group and UNICEF partnering for children
OSLO, 17 February 2014 – Telenor Group and UNICEF have signed a global partnership agreement and are joining forces to promote children’s development. The five-year agreement includes both financial support and access to a range of mobile technology solutions that will help advance children’s rights.

Governments, UNICEF call for inclusion of all children in quality learning
ISTANBUL, Turkey, 10 December 2013 — A rallying call to get millions of children who are out of school back into quality learning was launched today at the opening ceremony of the Regional Ministerial Education Conference in Istanbul.

Nearly half of Georgians consider the use of physical violence against children as acceptable
TBILISI, 11 October, 2013 - The UNICEF commissioned study being launched today revealed that 60 per cent of the population in Georgia believe that harsh parenting is more effective than non-violent parenting methods. The new study on Violence against Children in Georgia was conducted with the support of USAID.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover joins children in Sarajevo for dodge ball
SARAJEVO, 20 August 2013 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and acclaimed actor Danny Glover joined children for a friendly game of dodge ball in Sarajevo today in a show of active support of the “It’s About Ability” campaign to promote inclusion for children with disabilities.

Kazakhstan on track to achieve Millennium Development Goal to reduce child mortality
ASTANA, 15 July 2013 – Members of the United Nations Inter-Agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation (IGME) visited Kazakhstan on 22-25 June 2013 to analyze infant and child mortality estimates in the country.

Statement by Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, on the proposed Russian adoption ban
Statement - 26 December 2012

UNICEF welcomes Russian Federation ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities
MOSCOW/GENEVA, 4 May, 2012 – UNICEF congratulates the Russian Federation for ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, describing it as a great step forward for people with disabilities, particularly children.

UNICEF launches report on the impact of labour migration on children left behind in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, 13 December 2011 – A UNICEF report launched today sheds light on the negative impact of labour migration on many children who are left...

Scaling up nutrition investments leads to fewer child deaths and improves economy
BISHKEK/Kyrgyzstan, 30 June 2011 – Despite improvements in the past decade, 22 per cent of all deaths among children under-five in the Kyrgyz Republic are...

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Sir Roger Moore’s first visit to Kazakhstan
Media advisory

UNICEF brings safe drinking water to displaced families in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, Tajikistan, 23 August 2010 – UNICEF said today that more than 3,000 people displaced by flooding in southern Tajikistan now benefit from...

“Welcome to school” Initiative launched in Bishkek
BISHKEK, 9 August 2010 – The Kyrgyz Ministry of Education and UNICEF launched today a “Welcome to School” Initiative to secure safe access to...

Statement by UNICEF’s Executive Director on ongoing situation in southern Kyrgyzstan
Statement - 26 July 2010

UNICEF: Young of Central Asia and Eastern Europe suffering Blame and Banishment
VIENNA, 19 July 2010 - An underground HIV epidemic in Eastern Europe and Central Asia is intensifying at an alarming pace, fueled by drug use...

UNICEF awarded emergency grant to support Tajikistan polio outbreak response
NEW YORK, 2 July 2010 – UNICEF has received two emergency grants, totalling $350,000, to support immunization efforts in Tajikistan, following a...

Lifesaving supplies delivered to conflict-ridden southern Kyrgyzstan
OSH, 22 June 2010 - UNICEF delivered forty tonnes of much needed emergency supplies to the tense and divided city of Osh in southern Kyrgyzstan today...

Despite fragile security, UNICEF delivers supplies in Kyrgyzstan
BISHKEK, 21 June 2010 - Despite ongoing concerns about security, UNICEF has started a massive ground and air lift of supplies to southern Kyrgyzstan...

UNICEF calls for full access for humanitarian relief in southern Kyrgyzstan
BISHKEK, June 18 2010 - UNICEF warned that lack of access was hampering the delivery of humanitarian relief for the 1.1 million people affected by...

UNICEF: Kyrgyzstan fighting splits families
BISHKEK, 16 June 2010 - With approximately 400,000 people displaced by fighting in Southern Kyrgyzstan, UNICEF warned today that separated families...

Children hard hit by violence in Kyrgyzstan
NEW YORK, 15 June 2010 - UNICEF today reported 90 per cent of the refugees from fighting in Southern Kyrgyzstan were children, women and the elderly...

UNICEF sends supplies to Central Asia crisis
NEW YORK, 14 June 2010 - UNICEF today dispatched emergency supplies to refugees who have fled fighting in Kyrgyzstan. The initial rapid response...

UNICEF expresses deep concern about the situation of children in Southern Kyrgyzstan
Statement - 13 June 2010

UNICEF calls for renewed efforts and investment to combat child labour
THE HAGUE, 11 May 2010 - "Identifying the most vulnerable children requires new efforts and increased funding," UNICEF said today, on the...

Global polio eradication partners respond as polio outbreak claims first victims in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, 23 April 2010 – After a 13-year absence, Tajikistan has recently witnessed a sudden reappearance of poliomyelitis (polio), with seven cases confirmed so far and more...

Georgia is approaching international standards in juvenile justice
TBILISI. 14 April. 2010 – The Government of Georgia together with UNICEF and the European Union is reviewing today the mid-term achievements of the...

Child trafficking is only one aspect of child exploitation in Central Asia that needs to be addressed, says UNICEF
GENEVA, 31 March 2010 - Only a few cases of child trafficking or sale are officially registered in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, and...

Christopher Kennedy Lawford visits Ukraine to advocate for Hep C prevention and treatment
KYIV, 16 March 2010 – Christopher Kennedy Lawford paid a visit to Ukraine on 14-17 March 2010 to discuss with senior health officials, civil society...

2010: In Romania, one in three to be born in a Baby-Friendly Maternity Hospital
BUCHAREST, 17 December 2009 – UNICEF Romania and the World Health Organization announced 23 maternity facilities have been awarded...

UN Ministerial Conference meets to review social policy options for a region, hard hit by the global economic crisis
ALMATY, 7 December 2009 – “The global economic and financial crisis has affected all countries, and Kazakhstan was no exception. In early...

More than two million children in Tajikistan vaccinated against measles and rubella
DUSHANBE, TAJIKISTAN, 12 October 2009 – More than 2.2 million children in Tajikistan have been vaccinated during a national measles and rubella...

UNICEF urges fortification of staple foods to improve child and maternal health and economic gains
SKOPJE, THE FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA, 23 June 2009 - Opening a regional workshop on flour fortification, UNICEF Representative...

UNICEF and Ministry of Health launch national vitamin A supplementation and de-worming campaign in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, TAJIKISTAN 12 June 2009 – The ten-day national campaign on vitamin A supplementation and de-worming among...

UNICEF launches campaign to protect children and women from bird flu in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, Tajikistan, 16 April 2009 – A media campaign launched by UNICEF in Dushanbe today aims to protect children and women in...

Photo exhibition of conflict affected children’s photos in Georgia
TBILISI, 26 March 2009 - A UNICEF supported photo-exhibition of children from Gori and nearby villages opened today at the Cinema Hall Amirani.

Good potential of early childhood education and care should not be compromised by poor quality services,according to a new UNICEF study
FLORENCE, 11 December 2008 – A far-reaching change is coming over childhood in the world’s richest countries, says a study released today by the UNICEF Innocenti....

Juvenile justice topic of first regional conference of judges and prosecutors in South East Europe
SKOPJE, 28 November 2008 - UNICEF, Representative, Mr. Sheldon Yett and Deputy Minister of Justice, Mr. Ibrahim Ibrahimi opened today a conference...

Children speak out on violence in schools at a UNICEF one minute video workshop
SKOPJE MACEDONIA, 30 October 2008 - Over the last five days, eighteen children aged 12 to14 from three primary schools in Skopje have been working...

Project launched to improve mother and child healthcare in Uzbekistan
TASHKENT, 27 October 2008 – The Government of Uzbekistan, UNICEF and the European Commission have joined together in an effort to improve maternal...

UNICEF Executive Director visits Kyrgyzstan
Bishkek,  Kyrgyzstan, 16 October 2008 -  Ann M. Veneman, on the first ever visit by a UNICEF Executive Director to Kyrgyzstan, highlighted the plight of...

UNICEF Executive Director visits Roma community in Albania
Tirana, 3 October 2008 -  UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman, on a two day visit to Albania, highlighted the plight of Roma children and efforts...

UNICEF: Report highlights risk of maternal mortality in developing world
GENEVA, 19 September 2008 - A new report on maternal mortality, released by UNICEF today, highlights the risks faced during pregnancy and childbirth by women in....

UNICEF Regional Director returns from visit to Georgia and Russian Federation
GENEVA, 2 September 2008 – UNICEF is deeply concerned about the grave impact that the recent conflict in and around South Ossetia has had on children...

UNICEF, WFP deliver water, food and hygiene kits to residents of conflict-affected town in Georgia
TBILISI, 19 August 2008  – UNICEF and World Food Programme have rushed 15 tons of food, bottled water and hygiene kits for 400 families to the town...

UNICEF sends emergency supplies to Tajikistan
DUSHANBE , 12 February 2008 – UNICEF has dispatched emergency supplies for more than US $200,000 to meet the immediate life-saving needs...

Mumps epidemic sweeps Moldova
CHISINAU, 5 February 2008 – UNICEF and the World Health Organisation(WHO) have launched a joint appeal for $US 1.9 million  to purchase mumps...

Integrated Health Strategies Can Save Children’s Lives, says UNICEF Flagship, State of the World’s Children Report 2008
GENEVA, 22 JANUARY 2008 –  Strategies that can help reduce the number of children who die before their fifth birthday were highlighted today, at the launch of UNICEF’s flagship report...

Turkmenistan Government to fully support flour fortification
TURKMENISTAN, 14 January 2008 – UNICEF welcomes the Turkmenistan Government’s self-sustainable flour fortification programme.

UNICEF and Hungary sign new cooperation agreement
New York, 14 December 2007 – Hungary has become the first of the twelve new EU members to sign a Framework Agreement on Cooperation in...

UNICEF Armenia calls for more investment in early childhood learning
YEREVAN, 2 October 2007 – Representatives from ministries, parliament, governors, international organizations and members of non-governmental...

UNICEF and FC Barcelona unite for children in Geneva
GENEVA, 26 September 2007 – UNICEF and Futbol Club Barcelona renewed the second year of their five year partnership with the handing over of...

UNICEF report card on education warns millions of children left behind in CEE/CIS
GENEVA, 20 September 2007 - UNICEF warned today that education systems in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States...

Top tennis star Ana Ivanovic named UNICEF National Amabassador for Serbia
BELGRADE, 14 September 2007 – UNICEF today named Ana Ivanovic, the world No. 6 tennis player, UNICEF’s National Ambassador for Serbia at an...

Learning about avian influenza through theatre and play
TBILISI, Georgia, 25 July 2007 – Drama lessons in Georgia this summer will not only entertain, but inform children and young people about the risks of avian influenza. ‘Edutainment’ performances in eight areas seen as ‘high risk’ will demonstrate how to prevent the spread of the disease.

TBC Bank awards nurses with highest immunization coverage
TBILISI, Georgia, 10 July, 2007 - TBC Bank is awarding nurses who have achieved high immunization coverage in their respective regions with special gifts at a special Thank You Ceremony organized by the TBC Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs and UNICEF.

VIVACELL donates over $100,000 in support of children with disabilities
YEREVAN, 2 July 2007 – VivaCell, Armenia’s leading mobile operator is joining UNICEF and the Ministry of Education and Science to support on-going efforts to include children with disabilities into basic education.

Child survival messages take to the skies in Turkmenistan
ASHGABAT/TURKMENISTAN, 20 June 2007 – Child survival messages are to be promoted among millions of Turkmenistan Airlines passengers thanks to a new partnership between the air...

UNICEF efforts to improve the situation of children in detention facilities in Georgia
TBILISI/GEORGIA, 8 JUNE 2007 - UNICEF is distributing education materials , along with recreation, hygiene and sanitation supplies to juveniles in detention centres across Georgia.

Young people debate G8 issues at Junior 8 Summit in Germany
BERLIN/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 5 June 2007 – Young people from Group of 8 (G8) industrialized nations and from the developing world are meeting with German Chancellor...

National Children’s Forum strengthens the voice of Turkmenistan children
ASHGABAT,, 31 May 2007 – About 200 children drawn from across Turkmenistan have gathered in Ashgabat today to debate and discuss child rights, as part of the Third National Children’s Forum.

Tackling the rights of disabled children
DUSHANBE/TAJIKISTAN, 1 June, 2007 – Up to 2,000 children celebrated the rights of disabled children in a rally in one of Dushanbe’s major parks.

National Children’s Forum strengthens the voice of Turkmenistan children
ASHGABAT, 31 May 2007 – About 200 children drawn from across Turkmenistan have gathered in Ashgabat today to debate and discuss child rights, as part of the Third National Children’s Forum.

Children’s Rights for Roma children
BELGRADE,16 May 2007 – UNICEF’s study Breaking the Cycle of Exclusion: Roma Children in South East Europe focuses on the 1.7 million Roma children living in South...

Turkmenistan children produce One Minute Junior video films on child rights
ASHGABAT/TURKMENISTAN, 14 May 2007 – Young people from the National Institute of Culture and the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan will use their creativity and artistic skills to...

Executive Board visits the Kyrgyz Republic
KYRGYZSTAN, 28 April 2007, The Kyrgyz Republic welcomed four members of the UNICEF Executive Board, who visited the Central Asian country to learn more about UNICEF’s work there.

Millions lose out in Eastern European and Central Asian growth
GENEVA, April 27 2007 - Millions of citizens across Eastern Europe and Central Asia are not benefiting from the marked economic growth in the region, according to a newly published set...

European Immunization Week marked in Bosnia and Herzegovina
SARAJEVO, 19 April 2007 - European Immunization Week is being marked this year in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time with the declarative slogan “Every child has the...

UNICEF, Canadian Government support ‘Vital markers for a safer living environment’
SARAJEVO, BOSNIA AND HEREGOVINA, 4 April 2007 – An additional 133 square kilometers of suspected mine areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)...

An alliance for a better childhood
TBILISI, 22 March 2007 - The National Alliance on early childhood development is being launched today at the Parliament of Georgia by the Committee on Health and...

Children as BioVisionaries: We call on you to join us
LYON, 14 March 2007 –  Ten children from developing countries today challenged scientists, business leaders and civil society at the BioVision World Life Sciences Forum to work with...

UNICEF welcomes government action against violence in Moldova
CHISINAU, 12 March 2007 - UNICEF has welcomed the recent adoption of a law by the Parliament of Moldova which aims at preventing and combating domestic violence. This new law provides for legal...

Children gather in Lyon to call for sustainable development
9 March 2007 - Media Advisory

No excuse for violence against women and girls
SARAJEVO, 8 March 2007 -  The launch of a new project to improve gender-based violence and child abuse referral mechanisms in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) is the expected result of a joint project in...

Nationwide communication campaign on immunization kicks off in Georgia
TBILISI, 27 February 2007 - A campaign to improve immunization coverage for children below one year of age and reduce the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases began today in Georgia.

Justice system in Moldova becomes more youth-friendly and moves closer to international standards
MOLDOVA, 26 February 2007 - UNICEF and the Supreme Court Justice of Moldova announced that the justice system in Moldova has become more youth-friendly and...

Media critical in fight to prevent pandemic flu
GENEVA, 13 February 2007 - As the threat of bird flu once again confronts Europe and Central Asia, UNICEF is holding a series of high-level symposia on pandemic flu with...

UNICEF launches EU-sponsored 240000-euro project against avian flu in Kazakhstan
ASTANA/KAZAKSTAN, 6 February 2007 - The European Commission announced this week it will allocate 240,000 Euros to prevent the spread of avian flu in Kazakhstan...

Paris conference on child soldiers concludes with commitment to stop the recruitment of children
PARIS/GENEVA, 6  February 2007 - Representatives of 58 countries meeting in Paris today committed themselves to putting an end to the unlawful recruitment and use of children in armed conflicts.

Global conference to end the recruitment of children by armed groups and forces in Paris
PARIS/NEW YORK/GENEVA, 5 February 2007– A global conference hosted by the Government of France and UNICEF convened in Paris today to address the issue of children in armed conflict.

Limited knowledge of HIV risk and prevention among high risk groups increases AIDS menace in Armenia
YEREVAN, 30 January 2007 -- Adolescents and young people aged 10-24 from vulnerable and higher risk groups in Armenia have insufficient levels of...

Queen Rania becomes UNICEF’s first Eminent Advocate for Children at the World Economic Forum
DAVOS, 26 January 2007 – UNICEF and Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah signed an agreement at the World Economic Forum in Davos today naming the Queen of Jordan as UNICEF’s...

UNICEF and Council of Europe agree to cooperate to improve the lives of children
STRASBOURG, FRANCE/GENEVA, 23 January 2007 - UNICEF and the Council of Europe today signed a Joint Declaration to strengthen their partnership to maximize results for children.

Global goal to reduce measles deaths in children surpassed
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 19 January 2007 — Measles deaths have fallen by 60 per cent worldwide since 1999 – a major public health success. This exceeds the United Nations goal...

Netherlands gives UNICEF largest single donation ever
GENEVA/THE HAGUE, 22 December 2006 - Millions of children in the developing world have a new ray of hope as the Dutch government today announced it has pledged $201 million to UNICEF to radically expand the...

A new website for UNICEF in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, 12 December 2006 - A new website for UNICEF in Tajikistan was launched today giving outsiders an insider’s view of the lives of children in this mountainous Central Asian country.

President of Serbia, National Goodwill Ambassador and others join UNICEF celebrations in Serbia
BELGRADE, 12 December 2006 -  A 12-day-long programme in Serbia marking UNICEF’s 60th anniversary with the theme “Remembering the Past and Looking towards the Future”...

Visiting his 100th country, UNICEF UK Ambassador for Humanitarian Emergencies, Martin Bell travels to Afghanistan
LONDON, 6 December 2006 - Former BBC War Correspondent and UNICEF UK Ambassador for Humanitarian Emergencies, Martin Bell, returned from Afghanistan recently following his first visit to the country.

Romanian children paint their way into the Guinness Book of Records for UNICEF 60th
BUCHAREST, 18 November 2006 - On Saturday, November 18 2006, UNICEF Romania and the students of Nicolae Tonitza Art School made their way into the Guinness Book of Records with “the longest painting made by children on canvas”.

European Aquatics and UNICEF agree to work together on safe drinking water and sanitation for all children
HELSINKI, 21 November 2006 - The Ligue Européene de Natation (LEN) and UNICEF have agreed to develop a partnership to raise awareness on the importance of  clean water for every child.

Armenia beats iodine deficiency
YEREVAN, 17 November 2006 – A coalition of four organizations working together to address iodine deficiency disorders throughout the world, has recognized the elimination of iodine deficiency in Armenia through universal salt iodization.

Armenia ratifies the Hague Convention on inter-country adoption
YEREVAN, 14 November 2006 – President of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, today signed the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Inter-Country Adoption.

HIV-infected children in South Kazakhstan to be the focus of comprehensive package
ASTANA, 16 October 2006 - As a government investigation into health services in southern Kazakhstan continues, widespread concern at the sudden spread of HIV infection in children is being countered by swift action including access to treatment for the children and counselling for the affected families.

Disparities affecting children cloud economic good news story
HELSINKI/FLORENCE,18 October 2006 - Despite widespread economic upturn in South-Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (SEE/CIS)since the late ‘90s, one in four children under 15 is still living in extreme income poverty according to a UNICEF report released today.

Registration period for 2006 Prince of Asturias award now open
2 October 2006 - Media Advisory

UNICEF praises donation from Spanish Government
MADRID, 27 September 2006 – UNICEF thanked the Government of Spain for the generous donation of €21 million Euro toward the agency’s work on behalf of children that was announced today.

Anniversary of Beslan
MOSCOW, 1 September 2006 -On the second anniversary of the Beslan tragedy, commemorative events are taking place in Beslan and across North Ossetia.  Yesterday, UNICEF held an event entitled ‘Thank You to All Who Helped Beslan to Live through Grief’. The aim was to give children and families affected by the crisis the chance to express their gratitude to those who have helped them over the last two years.

Prevention efforts too little, too late; prosecution of traffickers not sole solution
LONDON, 30 August 2006 - Piecemeal prevention efforts in South Eastern Europe (SEE) are failing to protect children from falling prey to traffickers and have relied too much on general awareness-raising, says a report released today by UNICEF and Terre des Hommes which also urges a shift of focus away from prosecution.

UNICEF prepares supplies for quake-affected school children in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, 14 August 2006 – Thousands of children will be going back to school in Tajikistan in the first week of September as usual. But for some the start of the school year is in doubt.

Goals for children last a lifetime
PALENCIA/MADRID, 19 June 2006 - UNICEF says poverty, violence and exclusion still dominate the lives of millions of children in Europe and Central Asia, despite progress on legal and institutional reforms.

World’s children to be given voice at G8 Summit
For the first time in the history of the G8 children will get the chance to share their views directly with the world’s leaders and influence the outcome of their deliberations.  Children from G8 member countries will attend an official working meeting of this year’s G8 summit, hosted by the Russian Federation Government, to discuss HIV/AIDS, Education, Tolerance and Energy.  The children will also consider other issues they think should be prioritized and draw up recommendations, which they will present to the G8 leadership.

5th Regional Education Forum opens in Ashgabat
ASHGABAT, 13 June 2006 – Education deputy ministers of the five Central Asian republics and representatives of international organisations including UNICEF, UNESCO, the World Bank and USAID were among the one hundred participants who attended the opening ceremony of the Regional Education Forum (CARK) in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. 

UNICEF Turkmenistan Welcomes Decree Boosting Wheat Flour Fortification
ASHGABAT, 26 April 2006 – President Saparmurat Niyazov issued a decree mandating the fortification of wheat flour with iron and folic acid in Turkmenistan.  The decree was signed on 24 April at the Presidential Palace.

Chernobyl Anniversary: UNICEF says iodine could have helped to spare many children from thyroid cancer
GENEVA, Wednesday 19 April, 2006: As the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl approaches, UNICEF says that the numbers of children who developed thyroid cancer could have been significantly lower if they had been consuming iodized salt in their daily diet at the time of the accident.

New Resource Package Shines Spotlight on Excluded Children
GENEVA, 22 December, 2006 - The marginalized and disadvantaged children of Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States feature in a new online information package launched by UNICEF today.

Many children with disabilities still “written off”
GENEVA/FLORENCE, 5 October 2005 - A UNICEF report launched today finds that, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the numbers of children with disabilities in Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) have dramatically increased.

Beslan one year on: UNICEF calls on adults to shield children from conflict
NEW YORK, 1 September, 2005 - UNICEF today marked the first anniversary of the Beslan school tragedy by calling on all adults to shield children from war and conflict.

UNICEF sponsored photo exhibit by children of Beslan opens today
BESLAN, Russia, 26 August 2005 - Photos taken by children from Beslan go on display in the town’s Cultural Centre today – the result of a photography and journalism workshop for the children organised by UNICEF (22-28 July). The exhibition, entitled Children Are the Most Precious Thing in the World, will run until 9 September.

Armenia joins global campaign to stop violence against children
YEREVAN, 27 July – UNICEF, Council of Europe and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Labor and Social Issues and State Police called today for immediate action to put an end to violence against children.

Invisible in violence – children in Europe and Central Asia
LJUBLJANA/GENEVA, 5 July 2005 - The invisible faces of children across Europe and Central Asia (ECA) who are subjected to daily abuse and violence in the home, school, community and residential institutions will come into sharp focus at a conference starting today in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Statement by Maria Calivis, UNICEF Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe to the Commonwealth of Independent States and the Baltics Regional Consultation on Children and Violence in Europe and Central Asia
I am delighted to be with you today – although I must pass on deepest apologies from Rima Salah, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, who has been delayed by the weather. She will arrive tonight to attend her eighth Regional Consultation on Violence against Children and will, I am sure, meet as many of you as possible in the next two days. My thanks to Prime Minister Jansa for his warm welcome and inspiring words and to his Government for making this possible.

Children in residential institutions desperately vulnerable to abuse
GENEVA, 31 May 2005: Violence against children in residential institutions can be found across Europe and Central Asia, according to research gathered by UNICEF in the run-up to a major conference on violence against children. The research also reveals glaring gaps in knowledge and data.

UNICEF praises Armenian progress towards a protective environment for all children
YEREVAN, 13 April 2005 - UNICEF has hailed Armenia’s ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Involvement of Children in Armed Conflict and ILO Convention 182 on the Worst Forms of Child Labour.  Both were signed by President Kocharyan today after being cleared by the Armenian National Assembly on 21 March 2005. 

Report: Root causes of human trafficking in South Eastern Europe not being addressed
GENEVA, 31 March 2005 – The root causes of human trafficking are not being adequately addressed in South Eastern Europe, says a new report launched in Geneva today.

“Home sweet home” – a myth for many children?
COPENHAGEN/GENEVA, 15 March 2005 - "Family violence claims the lives of four children under the age of fourteen each day in the European Region – over 1300 every year – according to World Health Organization (WHO) data.

Law bans imports of non-iodized salt in Georgia
TBILISI, GEORGIA, 3 March, 2005. The Parliament of Georgia has made a major breakthrough in the fight against iodine deficiency, adopting new legislation to outlaw imports of non-iodized salt. The new law: “Prevention of Disorders Caused by Iodine, Micronutrients and Vitamins Deficiency” will come into force in six months.

Mass immunization campaign against measles and rubella in Kazakhstan
ASTANA, KASAKHSTAN,18 February 2005 - Almost 1.5 million young people aged 15 – 25 will be immunized against measles and rubella between 21 February and 7 March in Kazakhstan, the Minister of Health announced today.

Healing Beslan's wounds
GENEVA, 16 November, 2004. UNICEF has announced plans for a new programme to promote peace and tolerance across the troubled North Caucasus.

Statement by Bellamy on hostage-taking of children at Russian school
NEW YORK/GENEVA/HONG KONG, 3 September 2004 - "The Beslan siege represents a new and discouraging low -- children used as hostages and denied food and water for three terrifying days," said UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy.

Children’s Voice from Ukraine wins 2002 OneWorld/UNICEF Award
Friday, 23 May 2003 - Children’s Voice from Ukraine has been named the winner of the 2002 OneWorld/UNICEF award for outstanding radio produced by and for children. The award recognizes radio programming that gives a central role to children – as producers, editors, reporters and presenters – and allows them to give their own perspective on the world around them. It also recognises the great reach of radio into communities often unreachable by other media. The prize was launched for the first time last year by UNICEF and OneWorld Radio. Entries were received from all over the globe. (Press release)

"Precious time has been lost" as HIV/AIDS soars in Eastern Europe
NEW YORK, 18 September 2002 - HIV/AIDS is spreading at a faster rate in parts of Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) than anywhere else in the world, says UNICEF in a new report, The Social Monitor. The report, tracking the well-being of children and young people in the region, warns that HIV/AIDS is the greatest threat to their health as it moves - virtually unchecked - into the mainstream population in a number of countries.

UNICEF provides school supplies and sport equipment to the displaced children from South Ossetia
TBILISI, Georgia, 19 August, 2004 - UNICEF has rushed emergency assistance in the form of school supplies and sporting equipment and is mobilizing volunteers to assist the several hundred children escaping the conflict in So. Ossetia.

Climbing every mountain in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, TAJIKISTAN, 27 September 2004 - Almost 3 million children and young people or some 50 per cent of the total population of Tajikistan will be immunized against measles over the coming two weeks in the first ever campaign of its kind  in the country.

HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia; Young people are the solution
DUBLIN, 22 February 2004 --  “HIV/AIDS has a young face and it is essential, therefore, for young people to be at the heart of a new and effective pan-European prevention effort,” said UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy on the eve of the Irish EU Presidency Conference on HIV/AIDS: Breaking Barriers, Partnership to fight HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia.

Eastern Europe & Central Asia: Millions of children bypassed by economic progress
MOSCOW/GENEVA/FLORENCE, 13 October 2004 – A UNICEF report released today finds that millions of children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia still live in poverty despite economic progress in every country, indicating that economic growth alone does not necessarily improve the lives of children.

Europe declared polio-free after long campaign
Copenhagen 21 June 2002 -- The historic decision to certify the WHO European Region polio-free was announced today at a meeting of the European Regional Commission for Certification of Poliomyelitis Eradication (RCC) in Copenhagen. For some 870 million people living in the region's 51 Member States, this landmark decision is the most important public health milestone of the new millennium.

Thanks to FIFA, football is more than just a game
PARIS/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 20 May 2004 -  On the 100th anniversary of FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, UNICEF congratulated the organization for harnessing the power of soccer to improve the lives of the world’s neediest children.

UNICEF concerned over school crisis in Moldova
Chisinau, July 28, 2004 -  UNICEF Moldova expresses its serious concern over the actions taken against the schools in Tiraspol, Bender and Ribnita, which use Latin script and the attempts to close these schools by force.

Optimism and opportunity in Europe and Central Asia
SARAJEVO / GENEVA, 13 May 2004: As Government Ministers from across Europe and Central Asia gather in Sarajevo for a conference to nail down commitments to children’s rights, UNICEF said the timing could not be more auspicious.

HIV/AIDS menaces progress in Ukraine
KIEV/NEW YORK/GENEVA. 11 May 2004 – Ukraine is on the threshold of a full-scale HIV/AIDS epidemic, with an estimated quarter of a million people living with HIV/AIDS, UNICEF said today, as its Executive Director Carol Bellamy arrived in the country on an official visit.  In addition a large proportion of its population faces a range of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD).

Next priority for children of Beslan: restore their faith in schooling
GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, 16 September, 2004 – “The next priority for the children of Beslan must be to restore their faith in schooling” says Carel de Rooy, UNICEF Representative in the Russian Federation.

UNICEF Executive Director launches campaign to combat exclusion of children
Monday, 16 June 2003 – Arguing that the exclusion of millions of children in the countries of Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States is undermining the development of those nations, UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy joined civil society representatives from 27 countries at the launch of a major regional campaign to “Leave No Child Out“

UNICEF rushes measles vaccine team to Pankisi Gorge
GENEVA, 7 April 2004 - More than 2,500 children in Georgia’s Pankisi Gorge are being immunized against measles this week, following an outbreak of the killer disease. UNICEF, with USAID and UNHCR, is rushing in vaccines and a mobile team to immunize more than 1,700 Georgian children and 840 Chechen refugee children aged one to 15, by 9 April. The Gorge, where an estimated 6,000 refugees from the Russian Republic of Chechnya live with host families, has had a reputation for lawlessness – including kidnapping and gun-running – undermining routine immunization.

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