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Child and family welfare
Child wellbeing is a key concern in Malaysia's development agenda as reflected in various initiatives to implement the recommendations of the Committee on the Rights of the Child. The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, with UNICEF support, is conducting an assessment of the child and family welfare system focusing on how the system prevents and responds to abuse, violence and exploitation of children. The findings will feed into recommendations for child protection to be incorporated into national and decentralised planning processes.

Justice for children
UNICEF is working with a range of partners in Malaysia to introduce "Justice for all children". The program recognises children who come into conflict with the law as victims, acknowledging that a majority of them are victims of neglect, exploitation and social and economic hardship. Justice for children also recognises the right of these children to have proper care, education, guidance, protection and the opportunity of social reintegration.

In partnership with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, UNICEF has undertaken the first comprehensive review of the status of the juvenile justice system in the country. This review aims to understand the existing legal, policy and service gaps, as well as to prepare a comprehensive and integrated national juvenile justice reform strategy which fulfills international and national commitments.

Seminars are also organized for government and civil society organisations to better understand child rights based diversion and to promote changes in national policies and procedures to support diversion.

Childhood Disability
UNICEF undertook a 'Mapping Study on the Policies, Programmes, Interventions and Stakeholders for Children with Disabilities in Malaysia', which was presented to a Roundtable on Childhood Disabilities. The Dialogue enabled policy makers, service providers and disability advocates to come together to share the issues and policies already being implemented and to determine critical challenges in the fulfilment of rights for children with disabilities.

Child Marriage and FGM
UNICEF is active in the UN Malaysia Theme group on Gender which have undertaken important studies on child marriage and Female Genital Cutting in the country.





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