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EAPRO Regional Director, Anupama Rao Singh, opened the IHM-UNICEF Collaborative Centre on 2 April 2006. Also present are Malaysia's Economic Planning Unit Director of External Relations Patricia Chia and UNICEF Malaysia Representative Gaye Phillips.

IHM-UNICEF Collaborative Centre
The Institute of Health Management-UNICEF Collaborative Centre for Health Policy, Enhancement and Appraisal was set-up in 2005 to provide the Government and UNICEF with a reliable source of information and analysis to feed into the decision-making process to ensure effective and efficient interventions to improve the health of Malaysians.

The Collaborative Centre engages with Government agencies, as well as local and foreign institutions to produce a variety of studies. In addition, the Centre will set-up task-forces as and when appropriate and organise conferences supported by its research papers.

Research commissioned by the Centre will include a review of Malaysia’s HIV prevention of mother-to-child transmission program and a study on children orphaned by AIDS in Malaysia.



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