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UNICEF’s DDDP Program - Frequently Asked Questions

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UNICEF Fundraisers engage with the Malaysian public to raise awareness and funds for vulnerable children at various locations around Malaysia through the DDDP

What is UNICEF’s Direct Debit Donor Program (DDDP)?
UNICEF’s DDDP is a donation program for members of the public who are interested in supporting UNICEF in our mission to help protect the rights and improve the lives of the world’s children on a monthly or 6-monthly basis.

UNICEF works in over 150 countries and territories to promote and protect the rights of children. UNICEF contributes to their well-being through programs that help children in Malaysia and globally survive and thrive to adulthood, providing essential medicines, vaccines, educational, health and emergency supplies. UNICEF also uses our global influence to advocate for the long-term needs of children and women around the world. Because UNICEF is not funded by the United Nations, we depend entirely on regular donations to continue making positive changes for children in Malaysia and around the world.

In the past, we discovered through our interaction with the public that many people wanted to donate to UNICEF more regularly but in smaller amounts. Hence, DDDP is an answer to that request.

How does UNICEF promote the DDDP?
UNICEF’s DDDP is a donation program for members of the public who are interested in supporting UNICEF in our mission to help protect the rights and improve the lives of the world’s children on a monthly or 6-monthly basis.

DDDP is promoted through the face to face channel, because it is an easily accessible and friendly method of providing members of the public a chance to find out more about UNICEF’s work.  UNICEF’s DDDP is promoted at a host of venues including events, shopping malls, business and commercial buildings in Kuala Lumpur, the Klang Valley as well as other states throughout Malaysia.

The face to face approach makes it easier for those who do not have the opportunity to contribute through other channels, such as visiting our office and website or calling us, to lend their support.

Which parties are involved in this DDDP?
There are 3 parties: UNICEF Malaysia, Asian Support Direct Sdn Bhd and SG Global Support Services Sdn. Bhd.

UNICEF has engaged Asian Support Direct Sdn Bhd, a reputable international marketing company which promotes this program through its division, SG Global Support Services Sdn. Bhd; to send small teams of trained fundraisers known as UNICEF representatives to promote the DDDP at popular venues in Kuala Lumpur, the Klang Valley and other states.

SG Global Support Services Sdn Bhd, our other partner, helps us manage the administrative tasks for the DDDP.

How can I make a monthly or 6-monthly donation to UNICEF?
2 methods: Through Credit Card or via auto-debit from a Maybank (MBB) account.
(Note: UNICEF fundraisers are NOT authorised to accept cash donations.  Donation method via cheque is ONLY accepted when the donors prefer NOT to donate through their credit cards or MBB bank account)

How does my donation get deducted monthly?
After you make your initial donation, future donations will be automatically charged to your credit card or deducted monthly from your bank account. For example, if you choose to make a monthly donation of RM38 today, your next donation of RM38 will be automatically charged to your account in exactly one month to the day, and each subsequent month thereafter.

Why does the program have monthly or 6-monthly donation schemes?
Monthly giving provides a steady and cost-effective source of income to UNICEF Malaysia. As our country programs are long-term and permanent, your monthly donations allow us to focus on teaching, encouraging and mentoring local communities to build local capacity and help their own children. It also allows us to focus on strategic long-term goals in order to provide permanent solutions to ongoing worldwide difficulties for children.

Because monthly and 6-monthly donations are processed automatically, this helps UNICEF reduce our administrative costs— which allows us to fund more programs and help more children.

Although part of the United Nations system, UNICEF does not receive any funding from the UN. All of the funding UNICEF receives is provided on a voluntary basis, with about two-thirds of contributions coming from governments, and the other third coming from private businesses and the general public.

Can I make a one-off donation through this program?
This is a regular pledge program where your donation is directly debited every month or half-year.

If you are not prepared to make a pledge, we also welcome your one-off donation. Every Ringgit is valuable to support our cause for the health, education and protection of children.

One-off donations can be made directly to the UNICEF Malaysia office. Click here.

What happens to the funds raised?
As stewards for the world's most vulnerable children, we believe it is our responsibility to use every Ringgit received from our donors wisely. Donor contributions go directly towards the mission of our organisation, including program services and educating the public. Donations are channeled into our key focus areas that are based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child :

  • Basic education and gender equality - it has been proven if you educate girls you raise the standard of living for all family members
  • Young child survival and development - assistance in the early years is crucial if children are to grow into fully functioning adults
  • Policy advocacy and partnerships for children's rights - policy analysis is an essential aspect of UNICEF’s work with governments, law-makers, the media, civil society and international organisations on behalf of children and women
  • Child Protection - protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse is an integral component of protecting their rights to survival, growth and development
  • HIV and AIDS and Children - AIDS is a crisis of worldwide proportions. Medical care and education about HIV and AIDS is a top priority

How many years am I pledging to donate for?
You can pledge for as many months or years as you wish - it is entirely voluntary. Your monthly donation is an enduring commitment that helps children survive and develop through the key stages of childhood, making their world a better place. One of the key benefits of your monthly gift is that we know in advance the extent of the funds we can commit - allowing us to plan effectively and to transfer funds where the need is greatest, quickly.

What do I need to take with me to make my donation?
These are the details that our fundraisers will require:
  1. Name and IC no.;
  2. Address;
  3. Email address;
  4. Credit Card or Maybank account number.

Will my credit card and bank account information remain confidential?
UNICEF Malaysia adheres to a strict policy regarding donor privacy. Your personal information will be dealt with the utmost confidentiality and will not be released to any third party.

Why doesn’t UNICEF use its own staff for DDDP?
As much as we would love to, we are not able to bear the considerably high cost and expertise in managing and carrying out DDDP. That is why we are partnering with a market leader like Asian Support Direct that specialises in face-to-face marketing. This partnership enables UNICEF Malaysia to save costs and channel much more of your valuable donations directly to our programs that benefit vulnerable children in Malaysia and all around the world.

Why doesn’t UNICEF use volunteers for this programme?
Face to face fundraising is a regular, professional job that requires long-term commitment, hard work and specific skills. All UNICEF representatives undergo extensive and intensive training by UNICEF Malaysia’s senior management team and Asian Support Direct’s division, Support Direct, before they begin work. While we sincerely thank our volunteers for playing a valuable role in specific fundraising activities, their commitments outside the time that they generously donate to UNICEF mean that they are not the ideal candidates for this particular type of program.

How does our marketing partner, Asian Support Direct get paid?
UNICEF Malaysia pays a one-time fee to Asian Support Direct only for each donor that has been successfully recruited. Each year, we allocate a fundraising budget for various fundraising activities: special events, special appeal and so forth. It is from this pre-allocated budget that this fee is paid. This fee is within UNICEF’s guidelines and contributes to the program’s overheads as well.

How do I know the authenticity of the UNICEF Fundraisers?
All our fundraisers are required to carry their ID badge. You can also contact us directly (UNICEF contact details as below) for further verification by providing us with the full name or ID badge number of the representative you wish to verify.

I have some feedback regarding a UNICEF fundraiser, who should I contact?
We are always striving to improve the way in which we operate, so we would really appreciate it if you could contact us directly (UNICEF contact details as below) with your feedback regarding our fundraisers. To enable us to better attend to your feedback, please also provide us with the following information where possible:
a. Name of fundraiser
b. Date and location of encounter with our fundraiser

Does UNICEF sell merchandise at its DDDP booths or on the streets?
No. UNICEF does not sell any merchandise at any of our booths nationwide nor do we sell merchandise on the streets to raise funds for our programs.

How do I cancel/ stop my monthly or 6-monthly donation to UNICEF?
Every Ringgit is crucial to carry out the important work we do for children and we hope we continue to merit your kind support. However, should you ever need to stop your donation, all you have to do is contact us through the contact details provided below. We will process your request within 2 days. However, please allow a maximum of 30 days for the termination of auto debit or credit card arrangements to take effect. Our contact details can be found below:-

Direct Debit Donor Programme (DDDP) Contacts:
Asian Support Direct Sdn Bhd – DDDP Marketing arm
Lot M-1, Mezzanine Floor, Block B, HP Tower
12 Jalan Gelenggang
Bukit Damansara
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel:  +603 2262 2900 (for inquiries on DDDP/ UNICEF representatives)
Fax: +603 2262 2901
Contact: Karen Lim (Direct Line: +603 2262 2905)

SG Support Services – DDDP Administration arm
Tel: +603 2095 9933 (for cancellation/ change of details)
Fax: +603 2095 7536
Contact: Prakash Munyandy Ext 208

UNICEF Malaysia
Wisma UN, Block C, 2nd Floor
Kompleks Pejabat Damansara
Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights
50490 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Tel: +603 2095 9154 (for enquiries on DDDP/ UNICEF’s work)
Fax: +603 2093 0582
Email :
Contact: Joyce Wong/Lisa Koo 
Office hours: Monday - Friday; 9.00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Are there other ways to sign up for the pledge program?
Yes, you can contact our office at +603-2095 9154 / 2092 5812; or email or to request for the form to be sent to you.







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