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A young girl who has lost her mother to AIDS.

Assessment of children affected by AIDS
The increasing feminisation of HIV in Malaysia has a negative impact – direct and indirect – on children. Women, through their roles as mother, caregiver and often household leaders, are a source of love, care and support for children. When they succumb to HIV and AIDS, or become victims of discrimination, their children suffer multiple-fold.

The situation of children affected by AIDS in Malaysia is not yet fully understood. The dimension of the impact ranges from the take-up of health services by the child and family, the child’s access to education, and the provision of basic treatment and care.

The preliminary assessment of children affected by AIDS – conducted by UNICEF, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Malaysian AIDS Council and University Putra Malaysia – seeks to compile data about the socio-economic impact of AIDS on children and make recommendations for strengthening policies to ensure that children and their families receive the optimum care, support and treatment.

IHM-UNICEF Collaborative Centre
The Institute of Health Management-UNICEF Collaborative Centre for Health Policy, Enhancement and Appraisal was set up in 2005 to provide the Government and UNICEF with a reliable source of information and analysis to feed into the decision-making process to ensure effective and efficient interventions to improve the health of Malaysians.

The Collaborative Centre engages with Government agencies, as well as local and foreign institutions to produce a variety of studies. In addition, the Centre sets up task-forces as and when appropriate and organises conferences supported by its research papers.

Research conducted by the Centre includes the childhood injury database, the analysis of the Harm Reduction Information System, and the study on children orphaned by AIDS.





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