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UNICEF partner NGO, SAWA Group, organizes recreational activities and remedial classes for underprivileged children living in the Bekaa Valley .The center gives to refugee children a safe place where to learn, play and be listened to.
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Joint Nutrition Assessment Syrian Refugees in Lebanon - 2013
Nutrition Assessment

Everyone must participate because polio is attacking children nearby to us. Our families are at high risk of infection. Polio is incurable and causes lifelong paralysis.Even children who have been vaccinated before must participate.

Under Siege the devastating impact on children of three years of conflict
Syria’s social fabric is being systematically torn apart. An estimated three million buildings have been destroyed, along with much of the country’s critical infrastructure.

Convention on the Rights of the Child: Games and Posters
Our CRC materials: Games and Poster for children.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child: Our Booklets
Our resources regarding the Convention include booklets, games and posters and can be used in schools and care-take centers.

Facts for Life
Facts for Life aims at providing valid health information about methods of protection from essential and common health diseases. It is available under different versions: guidebook, training manual for social, health and community workers and passport.

Child Protection: Strengthening the child protection system in Lebanon
A study analyzing the role and functioning of the local level statutory child protection mechanism under Law 422 within the overall child protection system. The full study is available in English and the executive summary is available in Arabic.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH): WASH in Schools
WASH in Schools covers all matters related to water in schools, addressing more specifically the situation of public schools in Lebanon. This three-in-one publication comprises the English, French and Arabic editions.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH): Poster
A poster for children illustrating basic hygiene practices.

Health and Nutrition: Lice and Scabies
Our leaflets providing information to refugees from Syria and affected Lebanese communities on prevention and treatment of Lice and scabies.

Monitoring and Evaluation
Our Multiple - Indicators Cluster Surveys provide a monitoring tool with several indicators about children in Lebanon (MICS 3) and in Palestinian camps (MICS 4) in different sectors (Early Childhood, Education, Health).

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