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September 2008, Protection for children adopted internationally

In September 2008, international expert Prof. Carolyn Hamilton met the Parliamentary Working Group on Inter-Country Adoption to discuss international legislation used to protect children adopted overseas.

UNICEF is funding Prof. Hamilton’s participation in these discussions. Prof. Hamilton is a well-known academic and researcher on issues of law concerning children, including family law, child refugees and asylum seekers, drug abuse by children and young people, child mental health, sexual offences concerning children, and antiracism education in schools. Having worked extensively in child related legislation in Kyrgyzstan, she is very familiar with the Republic and the specific legal problems children face here. Prof. Hamilton and UNICEF urge the Kyrgyz Republic to ratify the Hague Convention to bring local legislation into line with international procedures to protect children adopted internationally.

According to a 2007 UNICEF-supported assessment of inter-country adoption policies and procedures operative in Kyrgyzstan, the Republic’s current child protection system, weak and fragmented, is incapable of preventing serious abuse of inter-country adoption.



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