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May 2007, Meena Arrives to Kyrgyzstan - a TV Series Designed to Raise Awareness Among Young Children and Their Parents


With support from UNICEF, the Kyrgyz National Broadcasting Company is going to launch an educational cartoon series featuring nine-year-old Meena. The series looks at discrimination against girls and women and offers positive insights from which families and communities can learn. The cartoons, now available in Russian and Kyrgyz, were developed as part of the Meena Communication Initiative - a major human rights intervention campaign in South Asia that began in 1991 with support from UNICEF in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Nepal.  Its main intention is to transform the severely disadvantaged situation of girls and young women in many parts of Asia. 

The stories revolve around the adventures of Meena. She is presented in the series not as a victim requiring assistance and protection, but as a role model who actively promotes change in relation to the rights of children, and particularly of girls. The stories focus on the development of life skills in female children and look at how her family fosters positive practices to enhance her growth and development.  The series tackles topics like education, health, gender equity and freedom from exploitation and abuse.



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