UNICEF in Iraq

UNICEF's Role in Iraq

How UNICEF operates in Iraq

Iraq Country Programme 2011-2014


UNICEF's Role in Iraq

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UNICEF works to improve the situation of children in Iraq through three key interventions.

1. Support the Government to develop:

  • Modern policies in all sectors relevant to children (ie. health, nutrition, education, water and sanitation, protection and overall social policy).
  • Institutions that effectively deliver essential services to children as well as empower children and their families to adopt behavior practices that will improve their well-being 
  • A legal framework to protect children.

2. Increase knowledge on children's rights and issues to inform government decision making and development planning.

3. Advocacy for policies that protect children's rights, including government development plans and budget allocations that prioritize interventions in Iraq's most deprived children.



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