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Photo Essays

Pop goes Tehran: Iran's first HIV/AIDS concert
12 November 2008: Pop goes Iran - thousands attend first-ever series of HIV/AIDS concerts in Tehran, supported by UNICEF and UNAIDS.

Children's Day 2007 in Iran
UNICEF Iran celebrated Children's Day on 8 October with a wide-reaching media campaign. Under the overarching theme of " A World Fit for Children – A World Free of Violence", targeteting: physical violence, verbal abuse and neglect.

Iran in the eyes of a UNICEF photographer
UNICEF photographer Shehzad Noorani recently paid a visit to Iran, taking some amazing shots of different sites where UNICEF is involved. This photo essay is just a selection of his take.

Uniting to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS
Religious leaders, television and film stars, athletes, children and people living with AIDS joined together to kick off the Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS campaign in Iran at a special World AIDS Day football match.

Early Childhood in Iran
The early years of a child's life are crucial to its future development. This photo essay shows the challenges facing children in Iran.



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