Innovators to watch

UNICEF Innovation has amazing partners - many are revolutionizing systems for good. Nine of them are introduced below.

UNICEF will interview nine of these global leaders in innovation – once in the spring of 2014 and once at the end of the year. Will they make the change they imagine? What will surprise them? Follow their stories and find out.

Elizabeth Gore at work

Elizabeth Gore
WHY WE'RE WATCHING: She’s out to make 2014 the year we redefine the term entrepreneur. WHO IS SHE? The UN Foundation’s first entrepreneur-in-residence.

Nicholas Haan
WHY WE'RE WATCHING: He’s building learning partnerships for Singularity University and launching a start-up. WHO IS HE? Global Grand Challenges Director for Singularity University.

Gada Kadoda
WHY WE'RE WATCHING: She is working to permanently establish innovation labs inside university walls. WHO IS SHE? Professor at the University of Khartoum and Sudan University of Science and Technology.

Panthea Lee
WHY WE'RE WATCHING: She and her team are designing sustainable solutions to solve social problems. WHO IS SHE? Principal and lead designer at Reboot.

Rui Ma
WHY WE'RE WATCHING: Her company enables investors to support female-led businesses. WHO IS SHE? She's the 500 Startups Venture Partner for the greater China region.

Deo Niyizonkiza
WHY WE'RE WATCHING: Village Health Works is starting new early education programs and breaking ground on a state-of-the-art women’s health pavilion. WHO IS HE? Founder of Village Health Works.

Jeff Rosenthal
WHY WE’RE WATCHING: He’s bringing diverse problem-solvers together in unexpected ways. WHO IS HE? Co-founder and creator of Summit Series.

Shiza Shahid
WHY WE’RE WATCHING: This radical collaborator is reminding the world that it’s not six degrees of separation but one. WHO IS SHE? Co-founder and CEO of the Malala Fund.

Julian lying down on detritus

Julian Ugarte
WHY WE'RE WATCHING: Socialab is a massive open innovation platform and the Festival Internacional de Innovación Social is tripling size in its 2nd year. WHO IS HE? The brains behind Socialab and FIIS.




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