Two girls in Mauritania
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Mauritania is characterized by many opportunities, given its people’s potential and its natural resources. It is also characterized by various challenges in the areas of child survival, development and protection.

The country continues to face a multidimensional crisis caused by food insecurity, a high rate of malnutrition, recurrent epidemics and an influx of refugees from northern Mali.

These shocks have contributed to increased vulnerability, particularly among children and women. Today, more than one child in 10 dies before his fifth birthday.

Through its main office in Nouakchott and a sub-office in Bassikounou, UNICEF Mauritania’s aims to reach all children, in every part of the country. UNICEF works with the Government, civil society and national and international organizations to make Mauritanian children’s right to survival, development and protection a reality.


Nourishing the children of M'bera refugee camp, Mauritania

In a refugee camp, getting more children in school and more schools for children

As more and more Malian refugees arrive in Mauritania, UNICEF steps up relief efforts




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