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Building Back Better - UNICEF promotes water harvesting in Car Nicobar
UNICEF played a key role in arranging the supply of clean drinking water to tsunami-hit communities across affected areas in India within 48-hrs after the disaster, and saw the need for sustainable drinking water solutions, rainwater harvesting being one.

Convergent Community Action Empowers Women in Yavatmal district, Maharashtra
The CCA intervention sought to empower women by creating a platform to come together and provide opportunities for them to demand and negotiate for their rights. The women also realized the importance of working with the village youth and other CBOs.

Child reporters from villages in Orissa advocate and monitor social and environmental changes
100 Ankur child reporters between ages eight and fourteen years, report on issues related to children in their villages, in the remote Koraput district of Orissa.

UNICEF makes a difference - water borne epidemics prevented in Anand, Gujarat
Anand, known as the “milk capital” and seat of cooperative movement in India, was one of the worst affected districts of Gujarat in the recent floods. All 365 villages and five municipality areas of Anand district were cut off from the outside world.

UNICEF strengthens community initiatives in Car Nicobar
The role of leaders like Ireena together with UNICEF's presence as the only international organization assisting the Government of Andaman and Nicobar right from the early relief phase has been quite unique.

UNICEF installs sanitary toilets in relief camps
The Kanyakumari district administration and UNICEF on Wednesday decided to install sanitary toilets in 19 of the relief camps where around 16,000 thousand of the displaced people are currently living.



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