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International Learning Exchange in Water and Sanitation sector in India during 12-24th November, 2006

India offers vast learning opportunities in water & sanitation sector sector covering a range of issues. India is implementing one of the largest national water supply and sanitation programmes in the developing countries with annual resource allocation of more than US $ 1.3 billion. Water & sanitation programmes have been considerably scaled up in India throughout the country where UNICEF is playing a very strategic role. In consultation with Government of India, UNICEF  India Country  office and UNICEF WES, New York have jointly launched a well-orchestrated learning package for visiting delegations at one time - offering options of packages on key themes.

At present four learning packages each with a core theme and a sub-theme, covering visits to two states are being organized on the following themes:

(A) Arsenic: Challenges and Opportunities (Bihar & West Bengal)
(B) Schools as partners in Sanitation & Hygiene , Experiences in Ecosan (Tamil Nadu & Karnataka) 
(C) Accelerating Rural Sanitation :Systems and Institutions (West Bengal & Maharashtra) ,and
(D) Wise Water Management (Madhya Pradesh & Tamil Nadu)

The dates proposed for the course are 12 to 24 November, 2006.  A brochure giving details of the learning package is hosted at UNICEF Website.

All UNICEF country offices are requested to avail of this opportunity and sponsor candidates for the course to Chief Water & Environment Sanitation Section UNICEF India Country Office, 73 Lodi Estate, New Delhi 1100003, India and on Email addresses Lburgers@unicef.org; sdogra@unicef.org  latest by 30th September 2006 so that necessary logistic arrangements including Visa and other clearances can be arranged in time. In case of more nominations, first preference will be given to those countries which had made request for learning exchange visits in the past and also ‘first-come-first-served’ principle will be applied, and those not included in this round will be invited for the next one in 2007.

International Learning Exchange itinerary
Module A itinerary
Module B itinerary

Module C itinerary
Module D itinerary

Cecilio Adorna
Country Representative, UNICEF India

Alan Court,
Director, Programme Division, UNICEF, New York



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