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Donors' Speak

From the begining it was part of life to keep aside some amount from the income for donating. It is my pleasure to give for children through UNICEF.

-- Mr. BK Kaul, Maharashtra

UNICEF is a bridge where I have taken a very small step towards a long journey for a noble cause; where I feel everyone should leave their foot prints.......

-- Mr. Chetan Wani, Maharashtra

..... I felt proud to be associated with a noble cause of helping needy children of our country. Of course I know that my contribution is insignificantly small .However I am happy at least I could do this much with God’s grace. May God inspire every able citizen to come forward to contribute to this worthy program of UNICEF. Thank you once again for giving me this opportunity to associate with you.

-- Dr.Manohar Adwankar

 I have just received your mailer, and I also incidentally went through your website and happened to read some of the articles in 'Donor speak'. Its very touching, and heartening to know that there are so many people who have been doing the good work of contributing their might to the children's education. I personally feel that India can become a super power only by becoming a 100% literacy enabled country, which in turn transforms the population explosion, currently viewed as a negative issue becomes a positive matter for the growth, success and superiority of our country globally in all fields. Wishing you all Great Success at the UNICEF for working you towards this and I am really glad that I am able to contribute in a small way for endeavours, especially "education for children".

-- Ravichander Babu D, CEO & Director, Systematix Corporate Services, Chennai

 Though my contribution is very little compared to the amount of work being done, but I am very happy and to some extent quiet content that I am trying to fulfill my dream, which had been with me since I started my schooling. Thank You UNICEF. I am proud being an Indian and more importantly a proud

-- Tushar K Chatterjee, Kolkatta

 I have seen poverty and grief in my childhood and I feel proud to help poor through UNICEF

-- Mr. Khialdas V Kewalramani, Nagpur

 I sincerely thank UNICEF for giving me an opportunity to serve the poor and needy children of the country and I am sure that it will be a privilege to serve again.

-- B.R.Somashekar

 I am aware in general way, the role played by UNICEF in bringing some semblence of hope in lives of innocent but unfortunate children of the world. I am touched by the work, being done in India. I wish I could do something better.

-- Gp. Capt. O P Madan (Retd.), Ludhiana (Punjab)

 My name is Rakesh Kothari. I am a resident of Bangalore and I have a daughter named Krisha, who is 3yrs. old. Of recently after seeing some small poor children playing on the street while she was going to the school, she asked me that why these kids were not going to the school. I replied that since they don't have money to go to the school (they do not go). She immediately replied, "I have lots of money in my piggy bank so I will give to the teacher (to pay for their education). Listening to her I want to make this small little donation of her piggy bank to any child education plan... Hope you (will) accept the little child's undisclosed amount.

-- Rakesh Kothari

Though my little contribution is really a drop in the ocean, I feel confident that it will reach the right quarters. Such is the credibility of UNICEF.

-- Param Arya

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