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Converging on the Mother

State specific acceleration strategies are being evolved through a series of social mobilization activities and consultations on Infant and Young Child Feeding.

For instance in Madhya Pradesh Commissioner Health has issued an appeal to all 170,000 AWWs, ASHAs and ANMs who are being reached through district, block and sector level meetings  for the promotion of breast feeding with enhanced family and community support.

Rajasthan has issued a similar guideline for ensuring that early initiation of breastfeeding within one hour is promoted in all  institutional deliveries – linked to support of ASHAs .

Bihar is launching a multi channel Behaviour Change Communication campaign during the World Breastfeeding Week 2008, which will specifically address and support expectant mothers and mothers of newborns besides addressing secondary audiences such as mothers-in-law, women in extended families and other influencers (husbands, peer groups).

This is being reinforced by capacity development of frontline workers (ANMs, AWWs, ASHAs) with the knowledge, tools and Inter Personal Communication skills for promoting breastfeeding at house hold/ community level and at the time of institutional delivery.

Building on the momentum being generated during the World Breastfeeding Week, a comprehensive communication initiative to address undernutrition  is also likely to  be initiated  during the National Nutrition Week 1-7 September 2008.

Uttar Pradesh has issued state guidelines through the NRHM to observe World Breastfeeding Week 2008 through District Level Workshops, Healthy Baby Shows, Quiz/Poster Competitions and Media Workshops, focusing on Faizabad, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Basti, Meerut, Varanasi, Moradabad, Lucknow, Lalitpur, through Divisional Health and Nutrition Resource teams.

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Priority should be given to ensure that:

• All newborns start breastfeeding within one hour after birth (early initiation); 
• All newborns are fed the nutrient-rich colostrum in the first three-to-four days of life (colostrum feeding);
• All infants are fed only breastmilk in the first six months of life (exclusive breastfeeding) and are not fed any other solid or liquid, not even water; and
• Infants are fed complementary foods beginning at about six months of age while breastfeeding continues till two years and beyond.

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