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National Youth Convention on AIDS

What: UNICEF in partnership with NACO and other youth organizations is organizing a National Convention of Peer Educators from May 28 to 30, 2008.

Where: The convention will take place at the Ecumenical Christian centre, Whitefield, Bangalore, India

When: 28th, 29th and 30th May 2008

The purpose of the convention is to create a platform for young voices to fight against HIV and AIDS and take up issues that affect youth in the country.

The Convention will bring together over 400 youth and peer educators from different parts of the country to re-emphasize the importance of peer support and community mobilization and explore ways to bring about greater understanding of roles and responsibilities of young people in society.

The convention will have plenary sessions, panel discussions, skill building workshops and a live market place for exhibits, street theatre performances.

Collectively exploring and building an understanding about the roles and responsibilities of youth and young people as agents for change, the peers will set out a coherent direction and understand their future work based on their own discussions and recommendations of the convention.

Hosted by UNICEF in partnership with National AIDS Control Organisation and other participating youth organizations, the national convention of Peer Educators is a forerunner in strengthening the role of peer education as a decentralized district HIV prevention strategy of the NACP III.

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Key messages on HIV and the campaign to unite against AIDS will be conveyed through artistic mediums like news letters, dance/theatre and plays.

The convention will highlight a mix of:

• Plenary sessions with a focus on the role of youth and peer education in HIV at a global, regional, national level and to understand the impact of peer education on the youth at a professional and personal level; 
• Skill building workshops in the areas of enhancing skills in leadership, networking, team building, community mobilization, and using the various creative, artistic mediums for HIV communication; 
• Cultural programmes to feature the diversity from across the states; and
• A live market place/exhibit area with interactive stalls which will be put up by each State for showcasing its work and will be a live interactive platform for peers to voice their opinions, exchange ideas and learn from each others’ experiences. 

This opportunity will also be used to showcase and highlight case stories on peer educators captured by the peers themselves during the pre convention photo documentation training. 

The peers will narrate their stories and convey key messages on HIV and the campaign to unite against AIDS through artistic mediums such as newsletters, dance/theatre and plays.

The highlight of the event is in the facilitation and steering of the convention by the youth and peer educators themselves, in the releasing of a day to day newsletter captured and documented by the peers on the events of the convention. 

The overall aim is to create a safe space where young people can learn about HIV/AIDS prevention, and be trained as resource and information posts within their own communities.

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