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Statewide Media Campaign on HIV/AIDS launched by Gujarat Health Minister, Ashok Bhatt
Young people are the assets of our nation and we must protect them from HIV/AIDS, said Mr. Ashok Bhatt, Health Minister of Gujarat, while launching a UNICEF-supported Statewide Media Campaign to create awareness about prevention of HIV/AIDS.

State-wide school enrollment drive launched in Gujarat
On 17th June, all the roads led to Dabkhal, a remote village located 400 kms away from the state capital, in the tribal hinterland of Kaprada taluka of Gujarat.

Gujarat leads the way in birth registration
Mohan Bhai and Parvatiben of Nali Madani village in Valsad proudly show the birth certificate of their child, Kushali, which was issued by the Government of Gujarat within 15 days of birth.

UNICEF spreads HIV/AIDS awareness during Navratri
Navratri, a nine-night-long festival of song and dance in October, is celebrated by millions of people in the Indian state of Gujarat. UNICEF Gujarat, together with local partners, organised a multimedia campaign within the festival itself, on HIV/AIDS.

Child-centred Village Planning in Gujarat – A Powerful Tool for Child Survival and Development
A five-day child-centred village planning process, initiated by UNICEF in partnership with Vasudhara Dairy was held in Valsad district in Gujarat. Meetings were strategically held at the milk collection centres in the mornings and evenings.

Exclusive Breast Feeding – for survival and healthy development of infants
Realising the importance of exclusive breast feeding as a strategy which can make a dent in the IMR, the Government of Gujarat has organised, with UNICEF support, a state level workshop to launch a state-wide campaign to promote ‘exclusive breast feeding’

Trained Anganwadi workers reassure communities
As part of the Integrated Management of Childhood Diseases (IMNCI) programme jointly run by UNICEF and the government of Gujarat, field-level workers are working towards reducing the state’s infant mortality rate of 60 per 1,000.

UNICEF-supplied chlorine tablets and packets of ORS distributed among flood-affected households in Rampura village, Gujarat
Rampura, an interior village of Anand district, with a population of 600 persons was marooned in the recent floods. UNICEF Gujarat air-lifted 5 million chlorine tablets and 30,000 packets of ORS to the flood-affected households in Anand district.

UNICEF's immediate distribution of chlorine tablets and ORS packets prevents water borne epidemics in Anand, Gujarat
UNICEF Gujarat office had been in constant touch with the state authorities and acted immediately to air-lift supply of 5 million chlorine tablets for distribution to the affected population to prevent any epidemics caused by contaminated drinking water

UNICEF pro-active in Gujarat floods
Gujarat was lashed by unprecedented heavy rains since 21st June 2005, resulting in floods in South Gujarat and parts of Saurashtra. More than 8,000 villages in 19 districts of Gujarat have been severely affected by the calamity.



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