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The Red Ribbon Express Reaches Out to Kumbalangi
March mornings are extremely hot and humid in the small fishing town of Kumbalangi, 15 kilometers from Cochin city in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Very few people leave their homes to brave the blazing mid-day sun.

HIV parents disclose their status
“When my children were taken for immunization to the Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) she refused to attend to them until I showed her a certificate of their negative status.

NCC Cadets promote handwashing in Purulia
On 15 October, 2008 the first-ever Global Handwashing Day, Basanti Mudi, Bipasa Mahato and Anupama Pati along with fellow cadets of Mahatma Gandhi College at Lalpur marched the roads of Chakalta village..

Menstrual Hygiene and the girl child - A Case Study
Deepika is seen dropping the Rs 2/- coin in the sanitary napkin vending machine. The thirteen-year-old is unprepared for the onset of her menstrual periods. Yogeshwari, her friend and classmate has accompanied her to the staffroom.

Rural children learn to read young
The success of the Activity Based Learning among rural children in a Corporation run primary school at Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai needs applauding.

A Vending Machine Radicalises Girls’ Personal Hygiene Choices
The adolescent girls of Nemmeli School, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, are well informed when it comes to menstrual hygiene.

Linking with Positive Network Groups
Raja, aged 35, belong to old kariyapatti village, Budalur block. He planned to go abroad for work & got the visa as well. While he was under going regular medical check-up, he was found to be HIV positive.

Importance of a Girl Peer Educator
When she attended the community training on HIV/AIDS, sex and sexuality, we found her to be a very bright student. So, we selected her as a Peer Educator. Our choice proved to be good.

Nagaraj: A Profile of Courage
I dream of building a Bornfree Art School in Shivakashi for children who are sweating for labour and I want to become a principal there. I will dismiss all teachers who punish children with sticks and violence. Children should learn arts and be educated.

Happy to be back in school
Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu: At 11.30am, 15 students were actively participating in the English handwriting class at the Booganapalli Village School, Krishnagiri Block. The school is part of the National Child Labour Projectage (NCLP) .

Orphaned by AIDS, these children had nowhere to go until the Child Friendly Village Planning process helped
Poonkudi belongs to the Chinnamuthu Village near Krishnagiri Dam, Krishnagiri District. She is a Grade VIII student of a local Government school and tested HIV positive in December 2006.

Timely counseling and assistance for affected children
Twenty-two-year old Zaibuen can be seen holding her third child Zabeena in her arms, comforting the little girl. Chubby-cheeked Zabeena had tested positive in a HIV test and is on ART (Anti- retroviral Therapy) for the last ten months.

East Side Story launched - Children’s voices through films
When Rajamma saw Kalvettu, a short film about a boy who suffers ill-treatment from an alcoholic father and is forced to give up school, she thought hard.

A lifeline for the newborn
When 26-year-old Kasthuri gave birth to twins in January this year, she was more scared than happy. Her baby girl weighed only 1.8 kilograms

IMNCI through the eyes of a middle-class mother in Andaman islands
Chitra, a young mother of two at Bathuvasti village in the outskirts of Port Blair, capital of the Andaman and Nicobar islands , would qualify as "educated, middle class" in the Indian context. She has a post-graduate degree in library science;

The fate of three mothers
Poongadi, 23, Radhika, 21, and Panchali, 28, were in various stages of pregnancy when the tsunami struck their villages on the southeastern coast of India on December 26, 2004.

Orphans no more & and back in school - a tale of two sisters
Their home washed away, parents dead, all belongings engulfed by the unforgiving waters of Bay of Bengal yet the two orphan sisters have some thing to look forward to.

Eleven-year old foster mother - back in school
The five Krishnamurthy sisters from Pudupet, in the state of Tamil Nadu, lost their mother in the tsunami that fateful morning on 26 December 2004. Eleven-year-old Sivaranjini has taken on the role of the mother in the family,

Effective child protection through UNICEF supported `village watchdog committees'
Child protection is a well entrenched concept in the state of Tamil Nadu. Almost three years ago the Department of Social Defence of the state had set up `village level watch dog committees.’

Priority emphasis is being given by UNICEF to promoting Integrated Management of Neonatal and Childhood Illnesses as the key strategy for strengthening immunization and nutrition assessment and management at the community level in the temporary shelters.

Iodine Uppu
Nine-year old Saravanan and his older brother Gowri Sankar talk to R Pandu Rangarao at the UNICEF IDD stall in Trichy - on what they know about iodised salt or iodised 'uppu'

Gopinath recalls Special Envoy Clinton's Nagapattinam visit
UNICEF extender Gopinath Durairajan chronicles the visit of Special Envoy Clinton to Nagapattinam

Restoring childhoods to child labourers in Tamil Nadu
These young hands should have held pencils. Instead they mixed chemicals in matchbox factories, handled worms in silk farms, or learnt to juggle several glasses together while serving customers in tea shops.

UNICEF supports teenaged tsunami survivor to bring smiles on children’s faces
Her smile spreads an unmistakable warmth wherever she goes, and the toddlers at the Anganwadi center (day care center) simply adore her.

Home away from home, for tsunami hit children, supported by UNICEF
Nandini is all of three years old, barely able to speak, but her deep black eyes tell the sad story of having lost her mother Mrs. Anjumal, a fisher woman, to the devastating tsunami on 26 December.

Games help in alleviating children’s trauma
As we begin to talk, Vineeta, Anita and Poorna Rasi are identified as the only unlucky ones in village Pettoda in Cuddalore district to have lost two members of their family.

UNICEF installs sanitary toilets in relief camps
The Kanyakumari district administration and UNICEF on Wednesday decided to install sanitary toilets in 19 of the relief camps where around 16,000 thousand of the displaced people are currently living.

UNICEF’s response to tsunami emergency in India
This year’s Christmas break came to a crashing halt for Dr. Prakash Gurnani, UNICEF’s health officer in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India.

PPTCT Project: Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
Giving anti-retroviral drugs to HIV-positive pregnant mothers has helped bring down transmission rates.

Working with salt producers - Tamil Nadu
Although Tamil Nadu is one of the three major salt producing and exporting states in India, only about 20 per cent of its households were using adequately iodised salt in 1999.

State-wide planning for rural schools – Tamil Nadu
If the click of a mouse could open up an entire range of data on a school in a remote area of India, planning would become better and funds would reach the right place.



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