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“Dhadkan” a Community Radio initiative of UNICEF in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh
This small town in the Chambal region of Madhya Pradesh has launched a community radio station, just a few days after the first started in Lalitpur in Uttar Pradesh. This is the second such community radio station supported by UNICEF, to be set up.

Saving lives of children and women in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh: Just a call away
Around 5 pm on December 26, expectant mother Halki Bai of Berkhari village felt the first contractions of labour. Her husband, Raja Kewat, a farmer, rushed to inform the village health worker, Shamim Bano, that Halki was ready for delivery.

Converging on the Mother
State specific acceleration strategies are being evolved through a series of social mobilization activities and consultations on Infant and Young Child Feeding.

Detecting the high-risk mother
Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh: In Madhya Pradesh, the number of mothers who had at least 3 antenatal care visits prior to their delivery has increased from 27.1 percent in 1998-99 to 40.2 percent in 2005-06

Promoting use of iodised salt in Guna
It was in December 2005, that a local NGO organized a workshop for school students to promote the use of iodised salt, with support from UNICEF. Salt monitors had asked the students to get salt samples from their homes for testing.

Eleven Panchayat imperatives for achieving change for children
District Guna, Madhya Pradesh is experiencing positive changes in the lives of children of the district. When one travels to these villages one can easily notice that change.

Empowered animators help bring positive change in Guna
Two years ago, Basanti Pant was just another housewife in Piproda village of the Guna development block, Guna district, Madhya Pradesh. Today she is an ASHA worker (Accredited Social Health Activist) under the National Rural Health Mission.

Ray of hope from Bhind, Madhya Pradesh
An Indian village with all children who have attended primary school, in educationally backward Madhya Pradesh seems unbelievable. Nonetheless, this is really the case in Baghora village in Bhind district.

Dealing with malnourishment: MPs willing to learn
On 28th March, the Gwalior district administration officials broke into a sweat that had nothing to do with the scorching heat.

Positively Positive
Raju is a 14 year old HIV +ve child. He is a young priest at a temple at Ujjain who teaches tabla and harmonium to children in his free time.

Supplementary feeding - a lifeline for undernourished children in Madhya Pradesh
It was a busy Monday morning for mothers of toddlers at Mahugarha village, in Guna district, M.P. Women with young children aged up to 5 years gathered at the village anganwadi centre where the little ones were getting weighed.

UNICEF animators make positive behavioural difference in Shivpuri district, MP
Ramshri is on of the three hundred animators supporting UNICEF’s behavioural interventions in district Shivpuri. She is based in village Nohri Kalan. Shivpuri is one of the forty-eight districts in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India.



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