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UNICEF calls upon corporate houses to put children at centre stage
Government of Gujarat organized “Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor’s Summit” on 12-13 January 2009. Tthe highlight of this year’s summit was the focus on improving “human development”.

Positive children in Gujarat fly high
Gandhinagar, Gujarat, 5 August: The sky was literally the limit for some HIV positive children from Gujarat, who indulged in dare-devil acts even normal children would think twice about, like para sailing.

Statewide campaign in Gujarat to promote breastfeeding
Gandhinagar, 7 August 2007: Although Gujarat is considered to be one of the most developed states in India, ironically, almost every second child under three years of age in the state is undernourished.

Elected representatives of Valsad pledge their support for child survival and development
Gujarat, 27 July 2007: "For the first time, I learnt in detail about various issues concerning child survival and development. I shall now take up the challenge to make my village a child-friendly village", said Yatinbhai Bhandari.

Fourteen Thousand Peer Educators spread the message of HIV/AIDS prevention in Gujarat
“I had not heard of “HIV/AIDS”, till the time I attended a training programme organized by UNICEF to train Peer Educators”, said Ashok Bhai, one of the 14,000 Peer Educators trained by UNICEF to create awareness among the most vulnerable young people.

Mamta Divas – a renewed hope for well-being of children in Gujarat
“It’s a special day today. It’s “Mamta Ujwani Divas”, said Jignishaben Patel one of the several mothers waiting for their turn to have their children weighed and immunized at Chichwada anganwadi (child care centre) of Valsad district in Gujarat.

Women launch search for UP’s ‘missing girls’ on Women’s Day
It was a little hard to believe that the singing, dancing group of 300 odd women supported by a sprinkling of men volunteers were actually hard-core activists all geared up to bring about gender equality in their state.

UNICEF aids Small Scale Salt Producers to ensure Universal Salt Iodization
Despite Gujarat being the largest salt producing state in India, an analysis of the salt samples tested in various districts revealed that inadequate or nil iodine content was found in the salt being produced by the small scale salt producers.

Children observe Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) Prevention Day in Gujarat
UNICEF Gujarat office launched an IDD awareness campaign on Global IDD Prevention Day at a Higher Secondary School in Gandhinagar in collaboration with Health and Education Departments of Government of Gujarat to promote consumption of iodized salt.

Universal Salt Iodization caravan goes to Ambaji in Gujarat
Global Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) Day was observed on 21 October. On the full moon preceding the event, an IDD tableau-caravan was driven to Ambaji, in the state of Gujarat, to educate the thousands of pilgrims visiting the Ambaji temple.

UNICEF-supported Bhavai performance creates awareness on Iodine Deficiency Disorders in Gujarat
UNICEF has joined hands with Song & Drama Division of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to launch a public awareness campaign on use of iodized salt through Bhavai, which is a popular medium of behaviour change communication in the state.



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