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Children’s Issues Get Support From Andhra, Karnataka Legislators
HYDERABAD, India, 2 March 2011 - Budget speeches, scams, wiki-leaks, debates, political logjams, elections and differences were all put aside for sometime during the budget session in the Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Karnataka Legislative Assemblies.

UNICEF Awards Spurs Coverage of Girl Child Issues
HYDERABAD, 5 February, 2011 – The rights of the girl child are being given more prime time space on Telugu language television channels in Andhra Pradesh these days. Encouraged by the UNICEF awards for ‘promoting gender-sensitive programming.

Fighting Stigma Through Photographs
BANGALORE, India, 12 December 2010 – This idea behind this exhibition was supported by UNICEF and was the result of painstaking efforts of Communications for Development and Learning in partnership with Karnataka Network of Positive people.

Underprivileged Children Mark The 21st Anniversary Of CRC
HYDERABAD, India - Fourteen-year-old Nandini is calm as she speaks at the historic meeting on child rights organized by UNICEF in partnership with Andhra Pradesh Alliance for Child Rights (APACR) at Hyderabad.

The Little Catalysts Of Change
SANGAREDDY, Medak, 15 December 2010 -Thirteen-year old Divya and her friend Shanthi, are proud protagonists of a success story. They have spearheaded an initiative to secure clean drinking water, toilets and taps for their school at Nancharpalli in Medak.

Government of Andhra Pradesh and UNICEF Join Hands for Social Change Through Television Serial
HYDERABAD, India, 1 May 2010 – The partnership between Government of Andhra Pradesh, Doordarshan and UNICEF initiative took a step ahead on 1st May 2010 with the launch of the education entertainment Telugu Television serial Idey Mana Jeevita Lakshyam.

Girl Child Issues Need More Attention From Telugu TV Channels
After monitoring the programs of fifteen Telugu TV channels for seventy days, a UNICEF report has found that only 0.4 per cent of prime time viewing was devoted to programs highlighting girl child issues.

Surviving the fury of the floods
Nine months pregnant Sutralinga was fast asleep when she was woken by the screams of her harried neighbours.

Informed adolescents prevent exploitation
Seventeen year old Bhargavi will never forget the day she went visiting Rajini’s house and learnt that the girls’ sister, Anamika, had been lured to Pune in search of a job as a domestic.

A Real Life Hero
Swarupa was only 12 years old when her father put her to work on hybrid cottonseed farms in Chityala, a small village in Parigi Mandal in Ranga Reddy district, Andhra Pradesh. Every morning at 7.00 am, Swarupa would start cross pollination...

Legislators commit to form a forum for children in Karnataka
December 14th was a unique day for Karnataka legislators. Free from the worry of active politics due to dissolution of assembly, the elected people’s representatives listened to the demands of children and then responded with an open mind...

‘Apolitical’ pact for children in 2008 advocated for Karnataka
While legislators asked more child-related questions in the Assembly and the Council during 2007 than in the previous years, the responses from the Government to these questions left much to be desired. There was a lack of focus, care and commitment...

UNICEF partners with Neonatology Forum for Newborn Survival Revolution in Karnataka
At the recent Annual Conference of the Neonatology Forum (NNF) on 17th and 18th November 2007 in Bangalore, leading members of the 300 participants decided to take on a mission to save newborns in the state of Karnataka

UNICEF Awards on HIV/AIDS Journalism
On 1st December, Worlds AIDS Day 2007, the Karnataka State AIDS Prevention Society in Bangalore, organised a special programme where perhaps for the first time in India, two local language (Kannada) writers were presented special awards.

UNICEF- IKEA partnership: restoring lost childhoods in Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh
HYDERABAD, India, 2 March 2011 - Budget speeches, scams, wiki-leaks, debates, political logjams, elections and differences were all put aside for sometime during the budget session in the Andhra Pradesh (AP) and Karnataka Legislative Assemblies.

Rural Karnataka school kids improve health and environment
When 12 -year old Hemalatha welcomes you at the gate of her school, she does it is with ease and panache. For she is the ‘chief minister’ of the Government Lower Primary School at Devarahalli, in Karnataka.

Learning at one’s own pace
They are all kids of different ages. They attend school but the teacher doesn’t impose restrictions. There’s a blackboard but it’s all over the lower wall. They learn alphabets, social studies and math but the teacher hardly teaches them.

Girl stars of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka – 2006
“The True Heroines” as described by social activist and film actress Amala Annikeni were all smiling on September 23rd, 2006. At a special ceremony they were felicitated for their positive spirit and determination in life.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.
In a room smaller than the average office cubicle lives her family of eight including her mother and six siblings. The only sunlight which filters in the house is Ayyamma’s smile as she recalls her life.

Towards achieving total sanitation
Sanitation training camp for anganwadi workers sponsored by UNICEF and conducted by Centre for Environment Education, Bangalore.

IKEA UNICEF launch initiative against child labour in Andhra Pradesh
Children employed in the cotton plantation industry in Andhra Pradesh have a reason to smile with corporate giant IKEA joining hands with UNICEF to prevent child labour in the south-eastern Indian state.

Profiles of affected children
She lost her father when she was one year old and her mother when she was 12. She came to know about the status only last year when she went for a check up due to weakness.

Akkamahadevia refuses to be a child bride
Akkamahadevia, a ten year old girl from Farhatabad village in Gulbarga district in the State of Karnataka, preferred to continue with her studies and refused to be a child bride.

Child Labour Elimination - Karnataka
UNICEF and four community based NGOs collaborate with the Department of Labour in Karnataka to eliminate child labour in the local silk industry

PPTCT Project: Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
Giving anti-retroviral drugs to HIV-positive pregnant mothers has helped bring down transmission rates.

Hope-giving treatment - PPTCT Programme in Andhra Pradesh
Jyoti knew little about AIDS when she came for her first check-up to a government-run maternity hospital in Hyderabad

Trafficking - Andhra Pradesh
UNICEF in collaboration with the district administration and a local NGO has set up a database of trafficking routes, traffickers, and trafficked minors and women in order to help make effective interventions

School AIDS Education Programme: Karnataka
Over 500,000 children in Karnataka have been targeted under a School AIDS Education Programme.

Combating Fluorosis – Andhra Pradesh
Excess fluoride in drinking water sources in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh has made the area’s marginalised, rural population vulnerable to fluorosis.

Nali-Kali initiative - Karnataka
Developed in 1995 by teachers in Karnataka’s Mysore district, the Nali Kali strategy adopted creative learning practices to help retain children in school and bring in those not attending school.



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