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Defying the Pressure to Marry Young in India
Even though it’s illegal, child marriage is common in rural areas of India such as Rajasthan, where the social and economic pressures to defy the law are immense. More than fifty per cent of girls are married by age 18.

Rajasthan Pledges To Save Lives By Washing Hands
Even though it’s illegal, child marriage is common in rural areas of India such as Rajasthan, where the social and economic pressures to defy the law are immense. More than fifty per cent of girls are married by age 18.

Rajasthan gearing up for the Global Handwashing Day
At 11 in the morning on 14th October, 2008 the Government Girl’s Senior Secondary School campus in Malviya Nagar Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is calm and peaceful.

Building A New Future
Minarul Haque Mondal did not know of life outside his work in a brick factory. Since the age of four, when his family migrated from Assam to Rajasthan, Minar was sucked into the labour force.

Vaijanti and Sugna
While the girls were experiencing one of the most joyful times of their lives, their parents paid no heed to the staff of the NGO CULP, talking about the importance of girls’ education.

Stepping out from the shadows of the past
The people of Guradia Dewara village in the Jalawar district of Rajasthan are very traditional minded and follow many old customs. Women habitually cover their faces with a long veil and are not allowed to sit together with males at meeting places...

Bravery Awards and Young Congress
13 year old Congress Kanwar, the poster girl of UNICEF in Rajasthan is one of the 22 children selected (four of them posthumously) for the Indian National Bravery Awards to be presented on 26th January 2008.

Malnutrition Treatment Centers – a boon for undernourished children
Bharat’s mother cuddling his frail body in her arms traveled from far flung Luni block in Jodhpur district to the District Hospital, referred by an Anganwadi worker.One look at the child and the doctor said “Take him straight to the Malnutrition Treatment

Community stake claim in school education
Daya Ram didn’t know what hit him when his name was called out in a gathering in Turkia village’s upper primary school and he was asked to explain why his daughters were not studying anymore.

Students flood Rajasthan schools
Hanuman Singh is much older than his classmates. He comes to school regularly but still scribbles Hindi alphabets backwards on the walls of the Guru-mitra classroom (a unique room with blackboards on all four walls ).

Girl Stars create a stir in rural Rajasthan
Tonk, Rajasthan: The 200-strong crowd gathered under the shade of a large tree in the dusty village of Nayagaon Shrirampuri looks on curiously as the TV screen blinks and comes alive. The story of Anuradha Rathore unfolds before their enthralled eyes.

The Bhawander in Tonk - after the storm, the rain
Rumbling along a dusty and bumpy road, it takes almost one and half hours to traverse a distance of 45 kms from Jaipur to reach Salilakhapura, a village which is almost in the back-of-the-beyond.

Women of Junia show the way
The dusty road, coming off the NH 8 near village Dooni in Tonk district of Rajasthan, leads to the village Junia, where UNICEF has assisted a voluntary organisation Bal Rashmi to promote integrated development for women and children.

A proactive approach to neo-natal health
Perpetuating antiquated practices at birth in Rajasthan’s villages seriously threaten the survival of newborns in this state. Preventing the mother and newborn from stepping out of the home for the first 40 days is one such practice.

Dholpur - where a Helpline saves lives
Ramsakhi, an expectant mother, resident of a remote village ‘Kankari’ in Dholpur district of Rajasthan is alive today, thanks to the Janani Surakasha (Safe Motherhood) Obstetric Helpline.

School sanitation programme - unexpected journey from class room to the world roundtable discussion
Rekha, an eighth standard student, is the new icon of success in the village because she was coming home after representing their country in a global conference in the United Kingdom

School sanitation and hygiene education - Rajasthan
The absence of safe drinking water and toilets in many schools in Rajasthan’s Alwar district used to make children fall frequently ill and seriously affect the enrolment and retention of students, especially girls.



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