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Raj Vihir Village Becomes Role Model for Sanitation
NANDURBAR, 5 October 2010 - An erstwhile board warning against open defecation and charging fine for those who disoblige stands at the entrance of Raj Vihir, a village with 2056 population in Taloda in Nandurbar district.

International Inspiration - Sport for Development
The experience of demonstrating power of sport came forth in a specially organized programme on 29th June 2010 in the Municipal School, one of the project sites of Sport for Development programme in Mumbai.

Ensuring Enrollment
PARBHANI, 16 August 2010 - If you take a round in Sayala village in Parbhani district you would notice interesting write-ups on front doors of some of the houses. These are ‘congratulatory notes’ written by young members of Meena Manch, forums.

Role teachers, sports coaches appreciated in implementation of S4D programme
MUMBAI, India, 5 July 2010 – Students in Shivadi Wadala Municipal School in Mumabi get to play as much they like without being pestered by their teachers and parents. These elders no longer consider sport as a waste of time or distraction from studies.

Unpacking RTE
Honorable Minister Mr. Balasaheb Thorat, School Education Department and State Minister Ms. Fauzia Khan, were addressing a gathering of key education officials who had gathered for a state level consultation to deliberate upon RTE.

Painting the Town with Red Ribbons
On platform number 13, stationed in all its glory was the majestic Red Ribbon Express (RRE), calling out, celebrating life.

Red Ribbon Express inspires volunteers
BEDAG, Maharashtra, 25 February 2010 – The Red Ribbon Club from Bedag was amongst the hundreds of groups that thronged the audio visual exhibits inside the Red RibbonExpress stationed at Miraj in Sangli district in Mah

Eminent actor meets village volunteers
When it comes to taking on the challenges of life, rural youth seem to be more prepared than their urban counterparts despite their limited access to information and resources. This has been the experience of Swapneel Joshi, a well known young actor

Youth volunteers become elected representatives
Gram Panchayat (local governance) functioning in Birvali village, Latur district in Maharashtra state has undergone tremendous change. Today people’s views are taken into consideration and participatory decision making is followed as a principle.

Sustainable Sanitation
Pardi Village, Yavatmal, Maharashtra: A neatly framed citation hanging on Gram Panchayat walls in Pardi village announces village receiving ‘Nirmal Gram Puraskar’ on attaining full sanitation coverage in households, schools and Aanganwadi centers

Girls Show the Way
If you look for apparent signs of development in Tipeshwar village you are likely to be disappointed

Deepashikha programme attempts to break the cycle of oppression
Mukta has survived a double blow of child marriage and desertion at such a tender age. Living at present with her parents, Mukta is perhaps the living testimony of a disturbing reality that prevails in many rural areas of India. Two out of every ten girls

Village Health Planning creates demand for health services
The women had been deprived of health services and benefits meant for them for so long, that they had accepted the occasional complications and hygiene related problems arising out of home deliveries as part and package of their destiny

Inspiring initiatives by Meena Manch
The Manch is a forum of school girls, inspired by the animation series “Meena”, produced by UNICEF to promote the value and rights of the girl child.

Maharashtra adopts child-centered learning
Take a peep into Class I in Kavha village school in Latur district and you see children, sitting in groups, engrossed in looking at picture cards in their hands and sharing with each other what they see in those cards.

Overcoming Under Nutrition
Everybody from Salgara Primary Health Center in Osmanabad district knows the story of Karan, a beaming two year old in the village. They have not only witnessed his growth from being severely underweight at birth to a healthy child by now.

Meena helps in improving attendance of girls in schools
Panchafula Khandare, an illiterate woman from Parbhani district, Maharashtra, is a daily wage labourer. She travels wherever her work takes her, her young daughter in tow.

Restoring a normal childhood
Raju (name changed) is delighted with the idea of joining a new school from this academic year. His grandmother is equally happy that he is enrolled in an English medium school. She wants to educate her grandchild as best as his mother, who died of AIDS.

Importance of Breast Feeding
Four months old Nisha was the center of attraction for the women’s meeting held in Sarola village.

From holding knives to wielding pencils
From slaughter houses to classrooms, from holding knives to wielding pencils, from fear to hope. The children of the Qureshi community in Parbhani, a region 200 kms east of Aurangabad district in Maharashtra, have come a long way.

Fighting child labour in cotton mills
Mohammad Hasan, a lean and tall teenager from a slum in India’s commercial capital, Mumbai, sports a cheery smile. He exudes a mix of confidence and exuberance suitable to his age.

Youth groups focus on birth registration in Maharashtra
Chandrapur, Maharashtra: Community awareness, generated through the Village Planning Process initiated by UNICEF together with Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK) in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra is yielding results.

Ensuring safe motherhood
Renuka Giri’s working day begins quite early in the morning. This young and motivated ANM (Auxiliary Nurse and Midwife) in Dhanora village health center in Latur, Maharashtra leaves for her daily round of home visits at around 8 am.

Mother support groups promote nutrition in Maharashtra
The small group of women huddled with their young babies at the Anganwadi Centre are listening intently to Durga Gavit, as her four month old son Prashant sleeps comfortably in her lap.

Community action against child marriages
The village micro-planning process initiated by UNICEF in partnership with HALO Foundation (NGO Partner), in the villages of Lohara block, Osmanabad district of Maharashtra identified child marriage as one of the critical problems in the area.

Making Every Child Count
Usha Sakat, an Aanganwadi Worker in Honala village in Osmanabad district of the state of Maharashtra, proudly recalls how she succeeded in improving the health of an underweight newborn baby girl in her village.

Quality education package produces better results in Maharashtra schools
The "Quality Education" package adopts a multi grade multi level method where the class teacher knows the exact levels of understanding of students and assigns activities accordingly.

Avian Flu in India - Government seeks UNICEF assistance for medicines
Amidst continuing culling operations, the Maharashtra government asked UNICEF to supply additional stock of 50,000 tablets of Tamiflu in its preparedness efforts to combat possible human infection.



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