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Kyunki… Lighting up a brighter path for women
Shabnam, early twenties, married, is chided by her parents for standing up to her violent husband when he accuses her of being infertile.

Academy Award recognition for India's fight to eradicate polio
“The Final Inch”, a film documenting the historic effort to eradicate Polio in India, has been nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Documentary (Short Film) due to be announced (in Los Angeles) this Sunday.

Keeping attitudes positive
“No one can really imagine the lives we lead. We cannot share our pain with anyone else because no one will understand us. We can only open our hearts up to NGOs and health workers, not with friends or family”.

Children draw a cleaner India
A picture says a thousand words. And when almost 2000 children came together with their colors, canvas, and creativity to paint the images of ‘Clean India’ they were able to say so much on sanitation and hygiene but with a new and fresh perspective.

International Development Agencies 'Unite for Nutrition' call for continued commitment and leadership
On the eve of Universal Children's Day, International agencies and donors made a joint commitment to support the Government of India to improve maternal and child nutrition in India.

The Chalta Firta School has a visitor
Mrs. Ban Soon-taek wife of UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon, while accompanying her husband on a trip to India on 30 October 2008, visited the UNICEF-supported Chalta Firta School (mobile school)

Creating magic with clean hands
“Go and wash your hands.” A request, sometimes a plea and often reduced to a command by many a parent. But today, no one had to say it again. It was as if the 400 odd children had been waiting for it….

Sanitation is serious business
The International Learning Exchange 2008 (ILE) started with a “handwash” on October 14. UNICEF’s India Representative, Karin Hulshof, washed her hands on the podium using soap and water to underline the importance of the Global Handwashing Day.

Out to Make a Real Change: Kyunki… Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai
It’s been a long day but the directors of Kyunki… Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai are happy with the shots they have captured. After all, hard work is a small price to pay for the mission they have set out to achieve.

Government of Japan pledges Rs 8.3 crores for polio eradication in India
The Government of Japan today pledged 8.3 crore rupees (209 million yen) for the eradication of poliomyelitis in India.

Monsoonal Floods in India: A Situation Update
A sudden breach in the eastern embankment of the Kosi River in north Bihar on 18 August has resulted in the inundation of hundreds of villages in the districts of Supaul, Araria, Madehpura and Purnea.

New version of DevInfo India released on National Statistics Day
A new version of DevInfo India, version 2.0, was released in New Delhi by the Indian Minister of External Affairs, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee in a function organized by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation on Sunday

Pre-convention trainings on photo documentation, effective writing and facilitation
Participatory methodologies and inter-personal communication are credited the world over as powerful processes to engage with youth. “The message is in the medium” is an oft-used phrase to describe this methodology.

Working Together to Reach All of India’s Children: Government of India and UNICEF Sign Five-Year Plan of Action
The Government of India and UNICEF today reaffirmed their joint commitment to tackling the most pressing problems impacting the survival and well-being of the children of India with the signing of a new five-year action plan

MPs stage a Candlelight Vigil to highlight Child Malnutrition in India
Getting more than 100 Members of Parliament to sign a pledge was never going to be an easy task. Staging a candlelight vigil at the high-security India Gate area was also fraught with problems– permissions, security, crowds…etc.

India-Pakistan Cricketers Immunise Children Against Polio
Little children’s mouths literally fell open when the cricket players from India and Pakistan immunised them on the eve of the next polio immunisation campaign that started in India on November 25.

HIV/AIDS peer educators enlist the new President's support for the Unite for Children Unite against AIDS campaign
New Delhi 25 October 2007: It was unusually quiet for a room full of children and young people. Sitting around the conference table, the group of 12 youngsters between the ages of 7 and 22 were clearly nervous.

Far from cyber cafes and shopping malls, UNICEF summer interns get a taste of the other India
6 August, 2007, New Delhi: Fifty-eight student interns were just back from a busy summer, which they spent documenting, filming and analysing UNICEF’s interventions in the field.

Launch of policy framework for a comprehensive response to children
Dreams of children caught on tape from across the globe set the stage for the launch of the first ever Comprehensive Policy Framework for Children and AIDS in New Delhi on 31st July 2007.

The Girl Stars Road Show
On 9th May 2007, UNICEF India will launch a one of a kind road show to highlight the importance of educating the girl child.

Investing in health, investing in future
On the one hand, private health care industry in India is booming with prospects of India becoming a destination for medical tourism. And on the other, access to health care remains a distant dream for the poor in rural areas .

World water day : challenges ahead
This year's theme of World Water Day - 'Coping with water scarcity' - comes as yet another reminder of the challenges India faces as it aspires to achieve fast track economic growth over the next five years.

Celebrating women who succeeded against all odds
Declaring a war for independence from violence and prejudice on behalf of all Indian women, the Minister of State for Women and Child Development Renuka Chowdhury pledged on Friday to make India an Ananya (The Incomparable).

ILEX 1 – cross-border lessons on water and sanitation
The first International Learning Exchange in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (ILEX) organized by UNICEF concluded in New Delhi on 23 November, 2006.

Integrated Child Protection Scheme to anchor Child Protection Programmes In The 11th Five Year Plan
The time is opportune for putting forth new ideas as the Government of India formulates the 11th Five Year Plan.

First Ever National Statement by Affected Children in India
“We are not an add-on to adults. Our problems deserve as much attention as those of the adults”, children whose lives have been impacted by HIV/AIDS one way or another said here in their first ever national statement.

National registration conference marks progress
The Chief Registrars of Births and Deaths from the States and Union Territories of India met in New Delhi for a two day Annual National Conference to discuss and review the status of registration in the country.

National Consultation of Affected Children
New Delhi May 18, 2006: A four day national consultation of children affected by HIV/AIDS will begin on 24th May at the Heritage Village, in Manesar on the outskirts of Delhi.

Sharmila Tagore campaigns for PPTCT
India’s well known actress Sharmila Tagore and UNICEF goodwill ambassador for children affected by HIV/AIDS – has been featured in a new mass media campaign developed by UNICEF together with NACO for prevention of parent to child transmission.

Women’s role in water and sanitation
Women’s Political Empowerment Day was celebrated in a function jointly organised by UNICEF and the Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) in Delhi on 24th April 2006.

Creative workshop for HIV +s
The creative retreat supported by UNICEF was held at Sanskriti Centre of Artists and Writers in the outskirts of Delhi. HIV positive people from Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu, Bihar and Delhi participated in the retreat.

India now has a road map to deal with paediatric AIDS.

Prosperity, not poverty behind female foeticide
New data released by the Census office shows that prosperity and not poverty leads to a preference for the male child and to selective abortions of the female foetus.



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