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Linking with Positive Network Groups

Raja, aged 35, belong to old kariyapatti village, Budalur block. He planned to go abroad for work & got the visa as well. While he was under going regular medical check-up, he was found to be HIV positive. Then he was not allowed to go abroad and the opportunity was lost.

Raja confessed his status to his wife. But he hid this matter from his relatives. He said to everyone that he is suffering from sinus so he was rejected. A few months later his wife conceived and Raja feared that HIV would affect his child. He forced his wife to have an abortion.

Our peer educator Ms. Sathya got this information from her neighbor and she tried to speak with them. But the couple avoided her at first. After a few days, the couples enquired about her. Raja’s friend told them that Ms. Sathya attended various HIV/AIDS training programmes to give awareness about this and also can also refer people to treatment centers. After hearing about this matter, the couple went to the peer educator house.

There the peer educator told them about services available for HIV positive people and gave the address of the HIV positive network in Tanjore and also the PPTCT details. Now the couple are member of the network and are planning to give birth to a child.





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